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The Expectation Of Salvation
Matthew 4:17 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
What does it mean to repent? It means you recognize that you've done wrong, sinned and need forgiveness and you turn from it. You can't hold on to the world and be saved. You can't be saved and want to live in the world. God is not just an addition, He makes you alive. Everyone wants a savior. If you've been saved, you've been bought with a great price. Your actions should reflect your salvation. You should continue to do Gods work, continuously turning towards Christ and away for. The world. Once you are saved, He didn't save you to sit, He saved you to work for Him. Don't just say you love each other, put actions behind it. You must allow God to change you. If you do not allow Him to change you, He will chastise you if you are saved. You can not hide your sins for God. It's usually easier to see your neighbors wrong doings, but we should at ourselves first. He will not allow you to bring shame to His name and salvation. Do not look to the world for your standards, look unto Gods. Sin destroys everything it comes in contact with, it is death. If something keeps you from serving God, it isn't worth anything and is a sin. Christ went all the way on the cross, He expects you to go all the way too. You are either with Him 100% or of the world.
Preached by Lucas Boring on July 14, 2013 (Sunday Morning).
Water For The Soul
Isaiah 55:10-13 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
You can either believe the Word of God or reject it. Our small minds can not comprehend the thoughts of God but, He left us something to read. Everything needs water. The Word of God is like water. A place that doesn't have the Word of God is a dry and thirsty place, it thirsts for water. Once it gets the water it blooms and flourishes. We sometimes want to "help" the Word of God, but it doesn't need helped, it's already alive and will grow once planted. Anything that has life has power. How many use the Word of God as a power source? God knows how to separate the soul from the spirit. If there was a weapon that you could keep and carry with you to keep the evils away, why wouldn't you carry it? God said that if you allow it, He would put His Word in your heart. Sometimes our lives and testimonies are the only Word that they see. There are people that are so thirsty for God, they don't even know that they are thirsty. When you start digging in the Word, you'll find diamonds that will last forever. But you have to dig, study to find them.
Preached by Tommy Boring on June 5, 2013 (Wednesday).
Wholly Following
Joshua 14:6-13 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Preached by Tommy Boring on October 16, 2011 (Sunday Morning).
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