Not Done In A Corner

April 7, 2024

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Acts 26:22-28

Most want to give an excuse instead of owning up to it. At the time of your death, there will be no more excuses. If you chose to be lost then at your death you will say amen to your own condemnation.
Thousands and thousands of witnesses to Jesus’ miracles that He performed. They were all done publicly for people to believe. If done in secret then no one would have known. There is no excuse for not knowing who Jesus Christ is. One can certainly tell another they were never told about Jesus but that would be a lie. Romans 1:19-20. Thankfully, there are still churches out there today that still believe and preach that Jesus Christ is still alive. 
You know that Jesus Christ is the son of God. What is it that holds you back from being saved? You pass multiple churches on your way to work each day and God speaks to you each time. The many crosses are placed along the side of the road as a memorial but that cross brings to memory the one that was sacrificed on it. His crucifixion was a public display. The tomb is still there and people still visit it, and it’s still empty just like it was on the 3rd and appointed day after His death. People are sitting next to you that are there because Jesus Christ is real.