NPPBC’s cemetery is located to the side of the church. The date of the first known burial was 1933. Most all graves are marked with only one or two being unmarked infants.

Attentively, we have 2 annual events that involve the cemetery.

  • Decoration is scheduled for the first Sunday in May. During decoration, many families attend to decorate their loved one’s markers. Donations are also given to help aid in the maintenance of the grounds.
  • The other event is during the first weekend in December, we have a candlelight ceremony. Candles are sold in memory of passed loved ones. They are then placed in the cemetery at each loved one’s marker. This event is organized by our S.H.E. Club and the funds raised help with the ministry’s multiple outreaches. We encourage everyone to come by and remember those that have gone on before us during that time.

Cemetery Bylaws

  1. Cemetery plots are issued for members of New Providence Primitive Baptist Church and all immediate family members of the same household.
        a. Exception: Burial plots picked out and marked before July 1, 1984, are the only exception to this rule.
  2. If a member drops enrollment from New Providence Church, they also forfeit their right to a burial plot.
        a. Exception: The exception to this rule is Rule Number 3 in the April 14, 1999. Cemetery Association meeting minutes which state that preachers that leave New Providence and go to pastor a sister church will retain his rights to burial at New Providence Cemetery.
  3. A caretaker must be notified before any grave digging can begin in the cemetery.
    Current Caretakers: Sharon Crisp & Josh Davis (use form below)
  4. Family members of the deceased are responsible for the removal of flowers after burial and for removal of excess dirt after burial.
  5. Tombstones or flat markers must be placed on graves within 1 year of death.
  6. Family members of the deceased are responsible for filling in graves when necessary.
  7. Flowers left on graves two weeks after Decoration must be attached to tombstone or in the tombstone vases. All other flowers on graves two weeks after Decoration will be removed and not retrievable.
  8. Graves are no longer allowed to be dug by hand. Only licensed and insured machine digs are allowed.
  9. A vault is required in the new cemetery section. Vaults are optional but highly recommended in the old section.

Online Data

We would like to thank Wendell and Vega Willocks Hensley for their hard work in gathering information on our church cemetery. Information they have gathered can be found here:

Additionally, you may also find photos and genealogy links located on .
As a reminder, Find A Grave is owned by, but is maintained by the public so the information on each memorial might be inaccurate.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the cemetery, please use the provided form.