He Is Good

April 7, 2024

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: John 11:1-45

Regardless of anything that is going on in your life, God is good.
The miracles that Jesus performed are an example of His deity and compassion.
Compassion & purpose

John 4; is the story about the woman at the well that Jesus met. Jesus made it on purpose to visit the well during a time when no one else would be there except this woman. Everyone else had already visited the well early in the morning when it was cool in the day.

John 5; a pool of water that once a year it was troubled by an angel and whomever stepped in it would be made whole. Jesus met a man there who had waited for 38 years to be healed. All He asked the man was do you want to be made whole, healed? Imagine this man waiting for 38 years and each time someone cut in front of him. We get upset when someone jumps in front of us at the grocery store one time.

John 9; the people asked Jesus who sinned and if it was his parents. The problem was that it wasn’t his parents that sinned and caused the man to be blind but it was Adam and Eve, the first sin.

The woman at the well, the man at the pool, the multitude that was hungry, the blind man, all who were sinners that Jesus healed or helped. Why did He do these things? Because to prove who He was and His compassion.

Why do we need to suffer? Because we need to. Laid up in the bed with a hurt back, sick with the flu, etc. If you have no needs then you will not appreciate the compassion of God. God is not our idea of good but His idea of good.

John 11 is a perfect example of purpose and compassion. We are not hurting for no reason. We are not sick for no reason. We don’t struggle with depression, anxiety, emotions, or anything else for no reason. The purpose for us we don’t know but God’s purpose is for Him to get glory. His compassion is perfect and so is His purpose.

His purpose seems at times to be imperfect. Job is a man that we often look up to and think we can’t be like him. What is the purpose of Job’s life? Job is not a chess piece in God’s life. What is the devil’s purpose in Job’s life? The devil’s purpose was to trick him. The devil doesn’t care about those that are already his, he wants to turn the ones that want to work for God away from God.