Planning a visit and have no idea what to expect? We understand and we hope to answer some of your questions before you come.


  • When do you have a service to which I can attend and what should I expect?

We have services twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday. On Sundays, we begin at 9:30am and sing a few songs. We then dismiss to Sunday School. After Sunday School is dismissed, we then begin our worship service at 11:00am. We will usually sing a few songs, have our children sing, ask for any special singing and then the preaching begins. Service is mostly finished around 12:30 – 1:00pm.

Sunday Evening and Wednesday service are about the same as our Sunday Morning services for the exception of Sunday school. Wednesday services begin at 7:00pm to allow for those that work to attend.

  • Your name says Primitive Baptist, what does this mean?

We belong to a small association of other churches. This association is named, The Original Tennessee Association of Primitive Baptists. You may read more about that within our About page. We are not affiliated with the typical “hard shelled” primitive Baptists. Our basic belief is of that of the Southern Baptist. The main difference between our churches and the Southern Baptists is that we practice both communion & foot washing. You can find those services within our Sermons section if you would like to witness one of them.

  • I’ve got children and they can sometimes be loud. Can they sit with me during service?

YES! By all means please bring your children. Don’t feel embarrassed by your child’s behavior. Children are children and do not understand the atmosphere they are in. This is why it’s important to bring them up and teach them in the way they must go. We also feel that a quiet church is a dead church. We do offer a nursery room that you may find helpful for privacy if you need it. It has a TV with A/V feed so as you will not miss the service. Ask one of our greeters when you come in if you feel that you may need it during the service.

  • What should I wear?

We have no dress code other than casual. Blue jeans and t-shirts are fine with us! We do preach and teach however, that our dress should honor the Lord and follow the Bible.

  • What version of bible do you use?

We teach and preach from the King James Version. We believe that for the  English speaking people, it is the inspired, preserved Word of God.

  • Your music, what style is it and should I bring earplugs?

We hear this often and want you to know that loudness is not what we want. We typically sing from the old Red Hymnal during our congregational songs. We are accompanied by piano and bass guitar, with the occasional acoustic guitar. During our service it’s asked for special singing and at that time we have members/visitors that do sing at times. These songs are at times sung with a soundtrack but are no more loud than the typical hymns that are sung.

  • What type or style of preaching will I hear?

This is a very good question and is hard to answer in this small area. We will begin by stating that we feel that preaching comes from God, thru the preacher. His style or type can be different at times depending upon the nature of the man standing and what God has chosen to give him.

Our Pastor’s style of preaching is usually verse by verse. We do have visiting preachers on occasion and their style might be slightly different than our pastor. We encourage all to listen or even watch a few of our sermons that we have posted in order to get a good example.

  • What’s your average attendance size?

Like with most churches, we unfortunately struggle with church attendance through the week’s services. Sunday mornings being our largest crowd and Wednesdays being our smallest. On a typical Sunday morning we average between 80-100, Sunday evenings are usually down by about half, then Wednesdays are down another half to about 30-40 in attendance.

  • Do you have a teen program?

We do! We have many youth in our church and are extremely proud of them and what they offer. We try to include them in many things as with all of our children. Some help with the offerings, others help lead singing and play instruments. We usually plan outings and youth retreats where they can grow not only in Christ but with a firm relationship with their peers.

  • How long has the NPPBC been around?

The church you see today is a rebuilt structure from the original building. The original building was built in 1932. As membership and attendance grew, the original building became smaller, thus the building you see today was built in 1969. While the structure and name were established in 1932, the church belongs to a small association, The Original Tennessee Association of Primitive Baptists. The association was established in 1802. You may read more about the church and association within our about pages.

  • Do you have a particular leader?

While we believe that the church itself is the final authority in all matters of church government, we realize God has given us a pastor to lead us. He is assisted by the deacons of the church.

  • I still have questions. Who can I contact to get an answer?

Easy enough, just simply fill out our contact form. Someone will reply to you ASAP.