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Headed Back to the Pig Pen
Matthew 12:22-35 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
What is the blasphemy of the Holy Ghost? Any and all sins can and will be forgiven by God if but only asked for the forgiveness. There's no big or little sin. Christ died for those that we claim is our enemies. So what is the sin that separates you from Jesus Christ? It's the one that you've never asked forgiveness for. How many religions are there in the world today? The religion doesn't matter because there is only two types of people, the lost and the saved. Your either with God or against him. We see churches pop up and then fall. We see Christians grow and do great things and then fall. In both cases the fall is due to a simple sin that was never forgiven or taken care of. How can a Christian serve a god that sends people to hell? The fact is, the question is wrong, God doesn't send them to hell, the person made a choice that hell is where they wanted to be by denying God. Isaiah 59:1-2 Sins are a separators between you and Jesus. Praying and asking God for forgiveness and then turning around and picking them right back up is choosing to live in it. We ALL need to make a choice. First, you had to make a choice whether you'll have God as your Lord and Savior. The next choice is to follow Christ and to serve Him completely.
Preached by Jeff Patton on September 28, 2016 (Wednesday).
Try the Spirit, Believe not Everything
1 John 3:24-4:6 (Part of the Does He Abide Within? series).
The most important thing to know is if Jesus Christ lives inside you. There seems to be a doctrine for every person out there. They take and change the Word of God for their own agenda. It's good to learn as much as you can of the Word of God but man didn't call men to preach. Only God can call a man out to preach. Some preachers are quiet, some are loud, some are short winded and some long. False prophets are running rampant in this day and time. There are cults on every corner. One doesn't need a doctrine in theology to understand the Word of God. If it doesn't stand up with the Word of God, then don't follow it. We should be open minded because we don't know all of what God has in store for us. A spirit doesn't come without a body. Spirits have to have a body to possess. When one comes to you and tries to pull you in, try its spirit to make sure in lines up with Gods Word. When you run into issues in your life and you always call your pastor with them, you're going to the wrong "friend". You need to seek God and not a friend or preacher for you help all the time. You should learn the Spirit that lives inside you and not believe every single outward spirit you hear. In order to know the false spirits you must have and KNOW you have the Spirit of God living inside you. So how do you know that He lives inside you? First off it's not about a feeling. Just because you've had goosebumps or the hair raised up on your neck doesn't mean that the Holy Spirit lives inside you. Jesus Christ was sent from His Father as a virgin birth and was crucified for our sins and rose on the third day.  If Jesus Christ didn't come to earth in the flesh then the doctrine is false. We encourage you to study the religions and their doctrines for the truth. If their entire doctrine does not line up with with the Son of God coming to earth and being crucified, then it's false and of the antichrist. Don't be troubled by the cults and false doctrines because if you are of Christ, then He is greater than those and lives inside you.
Preached by Tommy Boring on October 15, 2014 (Wednesday).
Stand in the Gap
Ezekiel 22:23-31 (Part of the 220th Original Tennessee Association of Primitive Baptist series).
There have been many men and women in history that didn't budge from their Christian faith. In today's time just as in bible times, people are standing behind pulpits and claiming a false religion. We as Christians must stand in the gap. God doesn't expect you to do some great extraordinary thing. He just wants us to obey Him, stand in the gap. What does it mean to stand in the gap? It means that you must have a strong prayer life. It means you must stand on the Word of God. Don't rely on someone else to tell you what the bible means. Could you quote the most common scripture in the bible, John 3:16? Are you willing to take your place in the hedge by standing in the gap? Why should we stand in the gap? Because God did it for you. Our churches are shrinking because no one wants to stand in the gap. Are you dependent on others like you preacher, deacon, Sunday school teacher to do your part? The ones that you depend on will not be around forever.
Preached by Bruce Whitehead on October 10, 2014 (Association Evening 1).
Do You Remember When?
(Part of the 220th Original Tennessee Association of Primitive Baptist series).
Preaching and praying are the same when it comes to you can't do it enough. Why are people not coming to church? It's you're fault as a Christian. Are you waiting until the Spirit tells you do talk to someone? I think the Spirit has just went and left you if your waiting on it. We all need a burden. The problem is that we don't have burdens anymore. The devil has whipped the Christians down to nothing. If you let satan he will take everything away from you that helps you grow with Christ. Do you remember when Jesus was born? Do you remember when Jesus Jesus was crucified? Do you remember when Jesus rose from the grave? It doesn't look like we are gaining in the church. The guilt is all on us as Christians for NOT doing His will. Until we as Christians wake up and get concerned in our hearts for the lost, we will never see them saved. If you're a Christian then you MUST love everyone. Why must you love everyone, because HE is love and if you're saved HE lives inside you. When you come to church, go for yourself, prayed up and stop worrying about the folks sitting around you.
Preached by Bo Thomas on October 10, 2014 (Association Evening 2).
A Heavenly Calling
Hebrews 3:1-6 (Part of the 220th Original Tennessee Association of Primitive Baptist series).
If we are not careful we will put the world in front of God. When we accept Gods calling for salvation, we accept the Heavenly calling. The nation is in a bad place. Not because of the sin but because of the disobedience of the Christian people. There will always be more wrong in the world. God sent His Spirit to talk to our hearts. Association meeting were not set up to lift ourselves up but was set up due to a Holy Calling.
Preached by Mike Walker on October 10, 2014 (Association Morning 1).
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