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Christian Responsibilities
Hebrews 10:19-25 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
What is our responsibility in a powerful world? What is God going to measure us to? Each person will be judged on their own doings. Hold fast to your faith, be faithful. Be faithful in whatever to God all the time. Let your life be an example of God. How you deal with other, in your service to God. Consider one another. Be considerate of another. Recognize the ones around you and their needs. Many want to lay down and give up. Be careful of the souls that surround you. Speak life, not death to others. Everyone needs encouragement. Provoke one another to love and good works. Don’t fail to assemble yourselves together. One thing that is true is that the enemy has broken the assembly during this pandemic. There are still churches that are not meeting. The pastor is not the only one but the people, the fellowship of the believers. You’ll often miss Gods word if you begin to miss the gather of Gods people. He didn’t set up the church as an individual fellowship but a group setting.
Preached by Tommy Boring on July 5, 2020 (Sunday Evening).
Be the Light
Ephesians 5:1-17 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
It will get worse before it will get better. God gave us instruction thru Paul on how to walk thru this world in the darkness. We as Christians should walk carefully thru this world. We should not walk away or hide in a cave. We are called to walk and live amongst the lost, not to partake of what the world is doing. We should be showing the lost the good news of Christ. If a Christian is caught up with the world then they ruin their testimony and have nothing to offer. God has yet to return or call us home because He is not yet done. Eph 5:17, ask a new Christian what the will of God is and you’ll blow their mind. The will of God is to see the lost saved. The lost need to see God’s light being shown. Who’s job is it to spread His word? It’s every born again Christian. It’s not just the pastors, preachers, deacons, etc. It’s every Christians duty to seek the lost and share the gospel with them. Do you know what the world needs and is looking for? The world is looking for love and they are looking for it in all the wrong places. It’s the Christians job to show them the love of Christ and that they have hope in Christ. A Christian can’t be about the will of God while they have dirty hands. A Christian should be living their life as a living example of Christ. If God asked you to share your testimony with someone, could you do it? God can’t use a dirty vessel, are you clean?
Preached by Bruce Whitehead on June 14, 2020 (Sunday Evening).
Arise and Go
Acts 9:1-19 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
God doesn’t want you to stay in the same place. If one stay sin the same place very long, one becomes stagnant. God is always trying to move His people forward. God told many of men to get up and go. We all have a responsibility to God to do the same. When you get to a place where you feel like you can’t go any further, get up and go to God. God will get your attention no matter what it takes. If He’s told you to do something, DO IT! Don’t wait till He has to chastise you in order to make you do it. Now Jonah had a mission but he had to go thru a very long journey all because he didn’t want to do it. He refused to get up and go. He instead got up and ran away. For Jonah it took a whale to swallow him before he came to realize what he had to do.
Preached by Tommy Boring on May 24, 2020 (Sunday Evening).
Where the Law Meets Love
Romans 8:1-4 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
There are some that you’ve tasted that God is good but maybe you’ve turned your back on Him. The love of God is above ALL. The greatest all of these is Love. Psalm 139:7-13, you can’t run any more. There is no condemnation in those that love God. John 3:16-17, you might be running but there is good news, God still loves you! There was once a woman that according to the law she was supposed to be put to death due to her sins that she was guilty of. But when those that accused her brought her before Jesus, Jesus flipped the table on them. Jesus pointed out to them that they all had sinned. Another story we see Jesus was within a large crowd and He was confronted by the Pharisees. They brought up that Jesus was mixing with those that He shouldn’t had been. Now in this crowd was a mix of sinners and followers alike. Jesus began to tell them a story about a son that had ran off and then realized that he shouldn’t had and came back home. In this story the son wanted what was belonging of him. He took those things and ran off to live the way he thought he should’ve been. He spent everything, wasted it away into nothing. Now this son then was connected with a man as to where he was cleaning up after, in that time was an unclean animal, pigs. This son then came to his senses while in that pig pen and he knew he needed to go back home. The law doesn’t condemn you. Conviction is what makes you feel bad. Conviction came upon this son while in the pig pen. When he started his journey back home he finally arrived and his father seen him from afar. Now there was a law in that day that if one had a son and they wouldn’t listen, they could be taken to the gate and turned over to the elders. Now this father ran out to his son and fell on his neck and loved him. Now the son had violated the law but the father still loved him. On the day of Calvary we know that the law was that blood would have to be shed for sins. This law was established with Adam and Eve. When they sinned in the garden they tried to hide their sins with fig leaves. When those leaves are plucked, they begin to die and become crumbly. There is nothing that can hide your sins from God. The law tells one where they stand. But it’s the love of God that falls on your neck and keeps you. Are you tired of running. Are you tired of hiding. There is a cure for conviction. It’s found in an old fashioned altar. An altar could be beside the bed, off in the woods, in the church house or even in your living room. The prodigal son was given a robe, shoes on his feet and a ring on his finger. This ring was proof that his father loved him and showed others that he was
Preached by Thomas Vananda on May 17, 2020 (Sunday Evening).
The Glory of the Heavenly Perspective (Part 2 of 2)
Hebrews 11:8-19 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
The earthy perspective can be deadly due to the human nature of depression and despair. But if we’ve been born again, we can share the joy and excitement of the Heavenly perspective. One can tell you all about Disney Land in California but if one hasn’t been there then it’s not as important as one that’s experienced. The question, are you born again? John 3:1-7 The greatest thing in this current time is having a perspective of having a Heavenly perspective. The lost stop and look around and wonder about a lot of “if’s” and questions. In the end the lost are still lost and confused. The worlds viewpoint is that they have no idea what is going on and therefore usually spread unglodly points. Those points will quickly take over your mind and heart if you’re not careful. Heb 11:8-9; in faith he followed. Once God calls your name as a lost person you will make a choice to either follow in faith or turn away. Romans 10:8-9, thru faith we are saved. Now a saved person has never seen the streets of gold but we know that God can’t lie and that is one of His promises. Romans 10:10, your heavenly perspective is also about believe what God has said in His Word. Who want’s to go to Heaven? Most all would say yes and would even say they are going but that is a lie from the devil himself. There is only one way to Heaven and that’s being Born Again, believing in Jesus Chrsit as your personal savior. Heb 11:10, If your’re born again do you desire heaven? Your hope is not what you have or seen but in those things that are unseen. The older one gets in their walk with Christ the more it just doesn’t matter and your hope is more in Christ! Romans 8:28, having a heavenly perspective means that we have this particular view. No matter the journey in the end of a born again believer is good. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s right or good. There are many things that might seem nice, good or even promising but in the end it’s bad. This is the problem with an earthly perspective, sinful nature. Are you a new creature? A new creature knows that this is not it’s home. Hebrews 11:17-19, when Abraham was called that day to take his only son up to the mountain and for him to sacrifice him, he without question, went up and began to do it. Obedience at it’s finest. One can take everything of a Christians away but those things are all going to be earthly. It might be hard but the hope is not in those things down here but in Heaven above. The saved are purchased with a price, very great price. Once saved then you then become a joint heir. A promise that can’t be undone, death has no victory when eternal life is given at the point salvation is made. Eternal life, a place that’s prepared, never leave or forsake, sealed until redemption, provides for us, etc. Heb 11:14, the people of God, the born again, they need to be persuaded that God IS everything you need And can not fail; Romans 8:38. 2 Tim 1:12, Having confidience We should embrace God and let your light shine to the others that you’ve been persuaded with great confidence that you’re but strangers here and that God is in full control. Mat 6:33 Rom 12:1 Did you know that 1 out of every 1 will die? Knowing that truth it should cause you to think about your future after death.
Preached by Tommy Boring on April 5, 2020 (Sunday Evening).
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