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Ignorance to Righteousness
Romans 10:1-10 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
Anyone should recognize that in this day and time that we live that people have turned away from God. Not just in the cities and the turmoil that is happening but in our own church. God could call this thing to an end and He would be 100% right in doing so. There is nothing that needs to take place before He comes because it’s all been fulfilled. The number one problem is that there are still people that are lost. This world is filled with places like ours, called a church where people meet and assemble. Within these buildings there are many that sit and claim a salvation but it’s not of Gods that they are saved by but their own. People no longer fear God. In biblical times we know the story surrounding Moses and the people went around and followed his laws. They had a zeal of God but they didn’t truly know Him. They just went thru the actions. Every Sunday they sit and stare with blank eyes. There is no amount of actions that can take place to make them to move because it’ll have to be them realizing they’ve been fooled. There are many that have heard the gospel so much that they have grown hard to it. You will NOT go to Heaven if you’ve not been saved. One MUST be born again to go to Heaven. It’s a simple gospel. There is not a single person that can look at another and know that they’ve been saved or not. Many walk around and have a form of godliness. Many are those claim to be great theologians and yet they spread false religions. We have a responsibility to warn those of the truth. One can’t beat it into their heart in fact one can cause more harm than good doing so. With love is the only way to warn others. If you can’t warn without love then you should keep your mouth shut. From the day you were conceived you took on the sin of the human. If you started today and began to live a completely sin free life, you would still not get into Heaven. You can’t do anything about your past that was full of sin. There will be absolutely no sin in Heaven. You can ask anyone if they are a sinner and they will begin to struggle with the answer. They begin to compare themselves to someone that is worse at sinning then they are. People can’t submit to God because they don’t understand, they are ignorant to the righteousness of God. They’ve been deceived by the religious talks of false doctrines. Flesh is not perfect and never will be. That means the flesh can’t enter into Heaven. The soul, a spiritual part of the human body is the only part that can go into Heaven, but, only if it has been saved by Christ.
Preached by Tommy Boring on June 17, 2020 (Wednesday).
Where the Law Meets Love
Romans 8:1-4 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
There are some that you’ve tasted that God is good but maybe you’ve turned your back on Him. The love of God is above ALL. The greatest all of these is Love. Psalm 139:7-13, you can’t run any more. There is no condemnation in those that love God. John 3:16-17, you might be running but there is good news, God still loves you! There was once a woman that according to the law she was supposed to be put to death due to her sins that she was guilty of. But when those that accused her brought her before Jesus, Jesus flipped the table on them. Jesus pointed out to them that they all had sinned. Another story we see Jesus was within a large crowd and He was confronted by the Pharisees. They brought up that Jesus was mixing with those that He shouldn’t had been. Now in this crowd was a mix of sinners and followers alike. Jesus began to tell them a story about a son that had ran off and then realized that he shouldn’t had and came back home. In this story the son wanted what was belonging of him. He took those things and ran off to live the way he thought he should’ve been. He spent everything, wasted it away into nothing. Now this son then was connected with a man as to where he was cleaning up after, in that time was an unclean animal, pigs. This son then came to his senses while in that pig pen and he knew he needed to go back home. The law doesn’t condemn you. Conviction is what makes you feel bad. Conviction came upon this son while in the pig pen. When he started his journey back home he finally arrived and his father seen him from afar. Now there was a law in that day that if one had a son and they wouldn’t listen, they could be taken to the gate and turned over to the elders. Now this father ran out to his son and fell on his neck and loved him. Now the son had violated the law but the father still loved him. On the day of Calvary we know that the law was that blood would have to be shed for sins. This law was established with Adam and Eve. When they sinned in the garden they tried to hide their sins with fig leaves. When those leaves are plucked, they begin to die and become crumbly. There is nothing that can hide your sins from God. The law tells one where they stand. But it’s the love of God that falls on your neck and keeps you. Are you tired of running. Are you tired of hiding. There is a cure for conviction. It’s found in an old fashioned altar. An altar could be beside the bed, off in the woods, in the church house or even in your living room. The prodigal son was given a robe, shoes on his feet and a ring on his finger. This ring was proof that his father loved him and showed others that he was
Preached by Thomas Vananda on May 17, 2020 (Sunday Evening).
No Matter What!
Romans 8:31-39 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
This world is full of tribulations. Peril is peril, whether it be death, depression, joblessness. No matter what we go thru, God is still in control. If one watches the news it’s really easy to get your mind off of God. Those that are saved, there is nothing to worry about, nothing to fear. So how do we know God is in control? Start in the beginning in Genesis and read to Revelation. It’s full of God saying He’s with us. If we build our house on the rock (born again), then when the storms come He will protect us. The birds do not want for food, the lilies they simply grow and do not worry. If God takes care of them, why wouldn’t He take care of you? Many of times we like to get out in front of God and act like we know what’s going on. Then when things go wild we then look back at God and ask Him, Why? If it wasn’t for the death of Christ and Him rising again then we wasted it all. Now Christ did wonderful things during His life walking on earth but if He didn’t sacrifice himself and rise again then it would’ve been a waste. We the saved WILL face trouble, sickness, death, problems with work, with our money, everything. We are NOT living in our permanent resident down here on earth. Now in Romans. If God is for us then who in this world could be against us. Did you know that it doesn’t matter what you do, you can’t loose your salvation. Nothing can separate you from the love of God! In Romans we see a question and it’s there for a purpose. Ask yourself, what CAN take away the love of God?? Yet another question, If God loved us so much to give us His ONLY son then why do you worry about your life? Now the word, elect it’s talking about God’s chosen people. God chose to die for your sins, He then chose to ask you to be saved. There isn’t anyone that can change that election. God created everything and if He chose to die for you, then who is anyone to say anything differently. It’s by HIS blood that we are able to go into the thrown room of God and bring our problems to Him. Don’t we all have problems and troubles? Take them to the Lord, He told us to! You have one on your side. Don’t ever think that no one is for you! Satan is completely against you and wants you destroyed BUT GOD loves you and wants you to live a life of fullness. God will never leave you or forsake you! What are you facing today? Your problems are not going to be the same as your neighbors. We all go thru our own problems and feelings. But, there is nothing you’re going to go thru that God can’t fix. No matter what you face today, He’s got it. There are many people that are scared. Many people think we should be in a panic but remember, God said not to fear. Those things that are in the world, all they are going to do is cause more problems. The bar, the alcohol, the drugs, the pornography, etc. Those things will only bring more destruction and ultimately lead to death. Whether it’s death of life or death of friends or family. In the story of Jesus in the boat and the storm was raging. They asked him if He didn’t care about them and He did! He cares today! he cared so much that He sacrificed His only son, was beat beyond recognition. Romans 8:38-39 pretty much takes care of anything that can ever come against a person in their lifetime. There is nothing that anyone can door could have done to deserve Gods love. We can go back time and time again to all those, “do you remember when” times and those will continue to happen. But, by putting your faith in Jesus Christ those times are nothing but growth spurts in our life down here.
Preached by Jeff Patton on May 3, 2020 (Sunday Morning).
The Promise of Hope
Romans 28:8 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
In an uncertain world, there is a certain God. It is important to anchor in God to find our peace. All things good or bad work together for good for those he has called. He allows things to happen to prove His ability. We didn’t know this was going to happen but God did. There are many examples in the word of God that show how things work together for good to those called according to His purpose. Joseph was a favored child who was sold into slavery, went to prison even when he tried to do the right thing and yet still found himself in a bad position. In prison, he couldn’t see how God’s hand was at work. It was two years before the butler remembered him and Pharaoh had a dream and then the butler remembered Joseph who was in prison. The entire time, Joseph was in the jail wondering why he was in the position he was in. The same God that brought Joseph through his situation will bring God’s children through this as well. Pharaoh asked Joseph to interpret the dream and Joseph told him it was God who would share the vision. Joseph shared the importance of the vision and Pharaoh asked him to be second in command. Those that didn’t prepare for the famine that Joseph revealed to the Pharaoh and you find his brothers coming to Egypt for help during the famine. Joseph’s vision of his brothers bowing to him was reality when they came in and bowed down. No one knows what will happen but God’s word is true above everything else. I may not understand what he allows but His will is perfect. If we are a child of God we may have hard times and we may not understand why they are happening. If we get in the word of God and read it, we can know it will work out for God’s children in the end. It is important to be his child to have the hope shared today. My peace comes through God because my faith, trust and soul is in the hands of a mighty God. If God has spoken to your heart and you need hope it is only found in Christ.
Preached by Bruce Whitehead on April 8, 2020 (Wednesday).
Romans 5:9 (Part of the Miscellaneous series).
When one studies the Old Testaments you’ll see that God was wrathful. He hasn’t changed and is still wrathful. Wrath when studied you’ll see that it means fierce. Psalm 88:6, Isah 2:9 we see it written describing God’s wrath and it being fierce. Now God is love and His wrath is not meant to be hatred. At some point people got to notion that God was to look like a white bearded grandfather. However He is not like you and me as He is eternal and never ages. When we lash out and take vengeance upon someone or something we do it in hatred which means we do it in sin. We see in the story of Moses that God rolled the sea back for the people to cross on dry ground and then He let the sea go. It took the lives of the solders chasing the children. Fierce! Another time we see Moses begging God not to destroy the people. God showed mercy at that time. God was completely justified in doing that. God sent an angel and it killed thousands in the blink of an eye. God controls the breath of each and every persons. There’s not a single person that can say that they will live. Every day God takes people home, young and old, rich and poor. How can God be good in that? How can He be destructive, a God of wrath? If there wasn’t a bad then how could you say there a good? How does one know love if there wasn’t hate? Humans are the only thing that deviates because God gave them a choice. God create animals with a nature and they do not deviate from that nature. The tornadoes that took place in Nashville, God created it. There were people that lost their lives during this storm. Truth - there were people leaving this world prior to that since the beginning of time. Nothing has changed. The nature of a person is sinful and does not want a god to control them. Therefore the human nature wants to blame God for those deaths. Why do bad things happen to good people? Because we are ALL people and we will all suffer. We do not deserve anything that we call good that God does for us. What we deserve is to die in our sins and suffer the consequences of that sin. Some. Christians will sit and declare that we are holy because we because we are a Christian. Only what’s inside makes us different and nothing more. Romans 5:6-9 Nothing changed with the humans. When Jesus came and gave His life for the sins of the world ONLY if they would believe in Him. Isa 52:13-15 Isa 53:1-12, God hasn’t changed, He just poured it all on Jesus and said that the believer could go free.
Preached by Tommy Boring on March 8, 2020 (Sunday Morning).
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