Who Are You Following?

July 1 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Joshua 3:1-17

Many of movies have been made about the ark of the covenant, searching for it. We don’t know if the ark is still in existence or not. The ark is a representation of something to come later in time.

The ark was covered in pure gold including the poles in which they used to carry it. On top of it was two cherubs also made of solid gold. Also on the top was a mercy seat where the priest would offer the blood of the animals to God. The ark also contained some things. It had the Ten Commandments, the law. We have the fulfillment of the law, they just had the law and the law only. There was also manna in the ark, the very substance that kept the Israelites alive. We have the living provision not just for the flesh but for the soul. Lastly they staff of Aaron which bloomed. They had an image of something but we have the real. Now just for them when they had the ark, it would become the most important thing in their life. For us, it’s Christ and without Him we are nothing.

Joshua 3:3
This is the direction to follow. Christ also stated to us to follow Him. We can’t get ahead of Him without following and let Him lead.

Joshua 3:4
It was instructed that they must stay a certain distance back from the ark. This was so that all eyes could see it and know where to go. One can’t follow something that can’t be seen. How many of you know the directions to Heaven? We don’t know our journey but, Christ does. Keep Him in front of you.

Joshua 3:5
They were instructed to clean themselves. They had to be prepared and just as they were instructed we are also instructed to stay prepared. We should always stay prepared for Gods wonders. All one has to do to see Gods wonders is to keep ourselves clean, prepared.

Joshua 3:11
In this time just as today, there are many gods. People worship all kinds of things and those things have no power. There is only one God and He is the god of everything.

Joshua 3:15-17
Remember the ark is Christ and the Jordan is something they can’t cross alone, death. They were instructed to simply go to the edge of Jordan and simply put the tip of their toe in it. Once that took place, then the Jordan dried up in that one spot. They then took the ark to the middle of the dried of Jordan and stopped and allowed everyone to pass thru Jordan as it was dry. It’s stated they walked thru dry ground, not muddy.

We will all experience death. All one has to do is just touch it and Christ takes it from there. Christ takes over because He’s already crossed over and knows the way.