We Got A Job To Do

February 13 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Tonight there are many churches with their doors closed because of a football game. We let everything get in the way of God. We’ve all experienced COVID in one way or another but we’ve allowed it to become an excuse to not come to church and worship the God of all things.

God will take you into things yet He always provides a way out of them. He will never leave you or forsake you. His grace is sufficient for every need. Churches are dying every day because the Christians are not doing their job and sharing what they have. It is the Christian’s job to teach and live a life of a Christian to everyone around us. Share the love of Christ with everyone.

Being in sin a living the life of sin is fun, but it’s only fun for a season. Once the fun of that one sin goes away then you’ll want the next sin. The sin will continue to grow until it takes full control. God’s grace can take all of the sins away no matter how bad you think it is.

There are some Christians that are sitting at home and have convinced themselves that it’s okay to not go to church. That might be right. You don’t have to go to church to be a Christian. However, God has said to fail not to assemble yourself with like-minded people. There is nowhere in His word where He said that it’s okay to NOT attend church. In China, people are being killed for their faith in Christ.

It’s the Christian’s job to stay hot and on fire for God. The sinner used to go to church a sneak in the back door to sit in the back of the church but they can’t do that anymore because the “Christian” wants to sit in the back anymore. It’s time that we stop telling God what we want to be done and start asking God to tell us what He wants us to do and do it. He might ask you to do something uncomfortable but He will never leave you to do it all on your own.