Truth or Lie

June 16 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: John 8:41-47; 31-32

We have an adversary and he goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he would devour. We often forget that he is an enemy of God. Being the enemy of God then he is the complete opposite of God, which is truth. It’s not a secret that Satan is a murder, a liar because we are told this from the very beginning. Just as Adam and Eve fell for the lies of the devil every human that came after falls for them too. Satan knows the word of God front and back and he knows how to twist it in such a way that it looks real. However, many churches have fallen for his twisting lies and built their religion upon the lies of the devil. If it violates the word of God then it’s a lie.

As each person goes about their daily lives we will always come across lies. Satan will present himself to you with just enough truth to embrace him. We should look at the devil like poison. The people should read and study the word of God to know what is truth and what is a lie. A partial truth is just as bad as a full lie. The truth will set you free. How can this be? Jesus is truth and He makes one free.

Our culture is in such a mess now to the point that people are confused about what sex they are. We are teaching our children that they can decide what sex they would like to be as being okay. As long as one loves someone one can do whatever one wants. There is no wrong way as long as there is love.

Part of a truth will not save anyone. At the end of days, there will be someone sent that will spread a lie and many souls will believe it, damning their souls to Hell. How will they believe such a thing? Because they do not read, study, and know the word of God.

If my people who are called by my name will repent and turn from their wicked ways, THEN will I save.

People do not want to hear the truth today. People do not want to follow the truth today. What do the people need? They need the word of God hid in their heart so they know the truth. Do not compromise for anything other than the truth. In colleges today they teach that there is no moral standard. Whatever you decide is your truth, then others have to respect your truth. The goal of evolution was not to prove we came from slime or single-celled organisms. The purpose of the theory of evolution was to prove that there was no God that created it all. Dinosaurs and their bones are not millions of years old, many will believe this and think it’s harmless. This is not true and is a lie, and if one would know the word of God then they would know the truth. The full genealogy of the entire life of the earth is all written in the bible.

No one needs money, health, or even family. All that is needed is Jesus. One can live without money, health, and even family yet without Jesus, Hell is your eternal home. Daniel’s life was similar to what is happening today. The government didn’t like Christians so they passed a law that no one could pray for 30 days. Just in today’s time, most decided to just take a break from praying. Daniel, however, decided that no one was going to tell him when he could or couldn’t pray so he prayed more. These officials didn’t like so they decided to kill him, so they thought. They cast him into a lion’s den and Daniel prayed in the lion’s den while the hungry lions slept the entire time. The bible is clear that our time will soon come as to drawing a line in the sand. Will we stand on the side of Jesus or will we fall into the hands of Satan?

We need truth and anyway we can get it we should be doing it.