Too Far Gone

April 30, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: John 11:17-27

There are a lot of things that our minds will cast away declaring things are too far gone. In this scripture, we see that Jesus was thought to be late. Jesus was right on time because He was late on purpose. He wanted to make sure Lazarus was declared dead and really dead. When the world tells you that it’s too late just tell them about your God.

A woman at a well was met by Jesus. Her life she thought was too far gone for Jesus. Yet He showed her a different way.

Another time there were some men with leprosy. Everyone else had written them off but Jesus came on the scene. He told one of them to go down to the river and wash and so he did. He was made as new as baby skin.

Legend, a man that was possessed by many demons. There were so many devils that they were cast into 2000 pigs. The town he lived in had tried to rid themselves of this man. He had tried to rid himself of his life. Jesus told His disciples to get into the boat because they were going to visit this man named Legend. While the devils trembled at the site of Jesus, Jesus cast them into the swine where they all ran off a cliff and died. When the witnesses saw what had happened they ran back into the city and told them. When the city returned Legend was sitting with Jesus, clothes, and in his right mind.

A woman caught in the very act of adultery was brought to Jesus. She was guilty and was to be stoned to death. She was too far gone for the law of the land. Jesus then told them that whoever was without sin was to throw the first stone. Jesus knew just what to do for this woman.

Don’t sit and think that you’re the Lone Ranger living out your life that you feel is too far gone. It’s not too late for Jesus to fix your situation.

38 years a man laid by a pool just wanting to be healed. Jesus came to him and asked him if he wanted to be healed. He told him to stand up and take his bed and walk so, he did.

In our own life, Robert Gibson. He did some things in his life that caused him to be placed in prison. A man that would come all the time and tell him that Jesus loved him. Everyone had written him off yet once Jesus came into his life, he was released. He’s now out preaching about God’s salvation.

What do you need from God? Have you categorized your life as too far gone? Have you stuck a friend, neighbor, or family member as too far gone?