Through Christ Alone

October 24 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Romans 3:10-28

The Old Testament is and was needed. One can’t have the old without the new and visa-versa. The Old Testaments were given to point to Jesus. The Pharisees of the Old Testaments had the law and then they continued to add to them only to make others look at them as something righteous. No one could keep their laws due to their strictness. The law itself wasn’t perfect but the flesh is weak and we were not able to keep it. In breaking one law we would become guilty of all of them. All of the laws that were given were not to make us holy but to make us sinners. We have nothing to offer and we are guilty before God. No works can be done to satisfy God for His salvation. Without Christ, it makes no difference what you’ve done or given.

Even though the law makes us guilty before God in the Old Testaments it points to Christ and gives us hope. A Christian stands not by their works but by faith alone. There will be no boasting before God, not a single person. Only Jesus will receive the pat on the back.

Beginning in verse 25 notice the number of times Christ’s righteousness is mentioned. God is just to allow a Christian into Heaven because of having faith in His son, Jesus. Man has no control over salvation. It’s not built upon what a person does. Many religions today are built upon what a person does to get them a higher standard or even into Heaven. These are false teachings. Romans 3:27-28 clears this up that the only way into Heaven, justified, is by having faith not works. Faith to believe in Jesus Christ to be born again. Salvation has nothing to do with you or me.

When it comes to salvation there is no other way to get to Christ. One MUST be born again, born of the Spirit. To believe in the only one, Jesus Christ that can stand in your place.