April 25 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

The Woman and the Pharisee

Bible Passage: Romans 2:1-9

It was because of the sin of Adam that, that same sin was passed down. God chose to make every man guilty because Adam was. We are all sinners and because of this God was able to rid us of those sins. That cleansing was done by His only son, Jesus, and His ultimate sacrifice.
There is not one of us that can excuse ourselves from judging another person. We are NOT sinless and therefore can not judge another. There has never been a time where you can pay for your sin debt. This is the very purpose and reason for Christ.
The woman with an alabaster box came into Jesus on purpose. During her visit, she wept before Jesus because she knew what He was to her. One of the disciples thought it was horrible that she “wasted” the precious oil on Jesus’ feet. Another disciple then judged the one and called him a thief because he thought ill towards him. One must be careful when one looks down their nose at another because they are likely looking into a mirror.
To the Christian, while we were sinners He loved us and called us out. He loved us before we loved ourselves. When we begin to judge another we put ourselves higher than God thinking we know their inner hearts. God is the only one that can judge another correctly. No one has the right or the ability to judge and even condemn another. God didn’t put anyone in the position of judge. When you see someone in a ditch we are to get in the ditch with them and help them out. It doesn’t matter if you think they deserved it or not. Love your neighbor!
This lady bent down and whipped Jesus’ feet with her hair and tears. She even bowed down and kissed His nasty, dirty feet and if this doesn’t appeal to you to do the same, you need to get your heart right. None of us deserved to be saved. There are those that are saved that have been drug addicts, sex addicts, and even abusers of children that are going to be in Heaven. We are just as sinful as they were and have no right to judge them. Christ loves them just as much as He loves the next. God commended His love for us even while we were sinners and undeserving of His love.
If you’re a Christian then He dwells inside you and causes you to love others as He loves. If you have a problem with loving others then you might want to make sure He is dwelling inside. If you have something against someone you better make it right.
The purpose of a Christian is to look into the hedges and highways to love them and compel them to be saved. Some might be addicted to things, but so were you. Some might hate, but so did you.