The Six Torments of Hell

October 17 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Luke 16:19-31

Hell has many torments and many we have no idea of all of them. However, we know of six of them. Ask anyone where they will go when they die and most all will say, Heaven. Regardless of their salvation they know they don’t want to go to Hell, so they state Heaven.

  • Hell is real. One can plug their ears and not acknowledge that there is no Hell. This doesn’t make Hell disappear.
  • One thing that all six of these torments have is eternity. We all know how to tell time and time as we know it has an end.

The six torments of Hell

  1. Eternal vision. You will always be able to see in Hell. Yes, it will be dark but you will see what you can’t have, Heaven. You will see these good things that you could have had. Regret! Not only in Hell will you see Heaven but you’ll see your loved ones.
  2. Eternal conscienceless. Our bodies are made in such a way that if we are subjected to a certain amount of pain it will turn off the pain by passing out. What a wonderful thing here on earth that this happens, however in Hell your body will NEVER turn off the pain. Not only will you be able to see the people in Heaven but you will be able to process what you are seeing. Eternally you will know what is going on with your body and the pain it will be suffering. You will not be able to do anything about the situation that you are in forever. All this rich man wanted was a drop of water but he was unable to get it.
  3. Eternal flame. When we see a fire burning we see multiple flames, plural. In Hell, there will be no gaps in the fire. The flame will never end, any gaps, any flames, just a single flame that forever burns. When you burn yourself no matter the size of the burn the pain immediately is felt and it hurts even after the fire/heat stops.
  4. Eternal memory. One would assume that with a conscience one would think that there would be a memory. However, one could be conscience and not have a memory. We read about the rich man and know he knew that water could help. Many people have said it and tell you that when a grandparent passes and they will remember you down here on earth. This is false. Once they get to Heaven they will not have you on their mind because all that will be in their mind is God and His glory. If there is no memory then there is no regret. You can’t regret something if you don’t remember it. 
  5. Eternal separation. There is a great gulf, a separation between Heaven and Hell. The ones in Heaven can’t go to Hell and the ones in Hell can’t get to Heaven. When you leave this world, die you will be going to either Heaven or Hell. You will not leave one to go to the other. There is NO remedy once you die. No one knows when they are going to die therefore all you have is right now while you’re breathing. Every day Hell enlarges itself, why is this? Hell itself doesn’t know when Jesus is coming back so it only needs to be as large as this second.
  6. Eternal despair. Not only was this rich man able to feel and know the pain but he was able to beg to warn his brothers to not come to Hell. The despair of knowing that you have friends that you left behind and know they are on their way to Hell with you. You could have warned them. You could have taken them to church. You could have witnessed to them. But to know that you can’t do anything about it after you are in Hell will forever live and remind you while you burn and are tormented for eternity.

You will not lift your head in Hell and be in shock that you ended up there.

There is good news! Jesus Christ knocks at your heart’s doors. When He knocks, answer Him. Accept His invitation. It’s not God’s will that anyone should perish but that all should be in Heaven. Think of it this way. If you were told you had terminal cancer and you only had six weeks to live. However, I have the cure and you could live cancer-free and live. Would you want the cure? We all are sick, sin-sick, and are not promised the next second to live. However, there is a cure, Jesus Christ, salvation. Do you want the cure?