June 7 2020
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The Reality of Heaven

There are some that don’t believe in Heaven, Hell, God, or even a devil. Some believe that when you die you’re just like a dog and simply just go back to the ground.

When people die and folks say that someone is looking down on them, that’s a lie. Some believe that when one dies they go to a purgatory and folks pray for them to get to Heaven. That’s a lie as well. The one thing that is true is that if you’re saved, you’ll go to wherever God is. Flesh and blood will not be in Heaven. The flesh, earthly things can’t be there because they are not holy. There never has been and there never will be a place like Heaven. Many have tried to figure out Heaven. Do you know who knows more about Heaven than anyone else? The ones that are in Heaven. One will never know about Heaven until they are there.

So how do you get to Heaven? Romans 10:9-13
There are many that are sitting in churches all around just as lost as they can be. Pick up a newspaper and look at the obituaries. Just about all of them are going to Heaven. People have been deceived by the devils lies. One can’t live and play with sin and love God. If you love God then you will keep His commandments. Many of people love the creation more than they love God.

You will die one day. You will either die quickly or you’ll die laboriously. Either way, you’ll die. Get prepared while you can to meet your maker. Everyone has the opportunity to be saved before they die.

When you get to Heaven, what will you do? You won’t be huggin up on your mother, you’ll not be fishing in the river, these things are earthly and you won’t be doing that. You’ll be thanking, worshiping, honoring Jesus the one that brought you there.

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