The Mary Memorial

January 1, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: John 12:1-8

Some people have a greater capacity to love. Mary of Bethany understood it. The other twelve disciples didn’t see it. We need “Marys” in the church. What’s more important, worship or work? Worship is more important because without it we can’t work. The other twelve basically bullied her thinking she just wasted money. 

The power of present action. 

Mary gives her roses to Jesus before He died. The worst Christian should be the one you see when you look in the mirror. The box was valued at $55,000 in today’s time. Where did she get this box? She lived with two other women because they didn’t have a lot of money. She’s the only woman in the Bible that anointed Jesus for His burial. Your biggest critics are the ones within the church, and other Christians. What are you waiting for to give Jesus your best? Did you give Him your best in 2022? Just make your mind up that you’ll give Him your best today!

Matthew 26:8-13; Mark 14:6-8; Mary gave what she could and Martha could cook. Not everyone has an alabaster box but we all have a gift. Do what you can for Jesus. Our problem is that we don’t do what we can. We often do things for others or the church but we don’t do anything for Jesus. If you get a chance to do something for Jesus, you better do it.

The priority of a priceless affection.

Mary didn’t keep any for herself. How much is Christ worth to you? How much? Is it possible to give Him too much? Repentance is not stopping smoking or drinking, it’s turning to Christ through sin. When do we do something just for Christ? Mary let her hair down because she forgot the towel. Back in that time, a woman’s hair was sacred. A woman was also lower than a man. She didn’t ask for permission to do what she did. How long do you think she went without washing her hair afterward?

The place for perpetual adoration.

2023 we are still talking about a woman named Mary and her breaking her box of ointment over Jesus’ feet. Christ is the alabaster box and He gave it all. The whole world is filled with Mary’s love because of the printing and repeating of her story. This oil she used stuck around because it was a sweet, strong smell. That perfume stuck around that evening, the next day, and up until later. May made herself poor but she made us rich because of her timeless example of love. 

For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten son. The keyword is “so”. Remove the word “so” and it doesn’t mean as much. God could have sent an angel for our sins, but He didn’t. He sent to us, the dirty rotten sinner, His only son. Stop measuring what you do for Jesus. Mary didn’t measure the oil, she gave it all and didn’t intend to take any back with her because she broke the box that contained it.

Do you love Christ?

If you love Christ then you shouldn’t be begged to come to Wednesday night services.