The Great Gulf

October 28 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Luke 16:19-31

In this story it was prior to Christ. Those that passed at that time and believed went into Paradise, Abraham’s bosom. Those that didn’t believe went into a place of great torments, Hell.
Each day we should remember what Christ has done for us. Eph 4:7, Christ gives those that are born again a great gift. He also gives us the victory over those things that come against us. When Christ died He went unto death and brought those that died before Him that awaited Him in Paradise into Heaven, but only those that believed. 
God doesn’t save a spectator. He doesn’t save you to just sit back and do nothing. He expects you to follow His great commission of telling others of Him.  
This thing isn’t going to last too much longer. History repeats itself so just look back at the times before it. People lusting after themselves instead of God and God took them out. We live in a time where that’s all that’s around us. People loving themselves and other things more than God.
What would happen if just 3 of us actually got together and prayed like God intended for us to pray? God is not some magical person that grants wishes. God controls everything, moves mountains, makes men walk on water, raised people from the dead, etc. Pray to the God that is god over ALL things.
Some of the gifts that God has given are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. The main ones being teachers because whether we want to or not, we are teaching others all the time. Make sure that what you are teaching is about the Fathers business.