The Glory Of The Cross

September 10, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Galatians 6:14

You never want to get so large, big that others can’t see the cross. When you think of the Glory of Christ what do you think of? When one thinks of the Roman crucifixions there’s nothing glorious about them. 



John 1:14, 2:11, 11:4; publicly condemned and rejected by His own people. Stripped and were not thankful for their healing. Have we all not been rejected at some point? Hung publicly between two thieves, naked. Matthew 27:39-40; mocking. Matthew 27:36, they just sat and watched. Matthew 27:46-47, they mocked His prayer. Matthew 27:48-49, they gave Him vinegar instead of water.



The idea was that they didn’t want the person to just die, they wanted them to suffer. The scourging, the whipping was so intense that his muscles and bones were exposed. Whipped beyond recognition. Spikes nailed through the most painful part of the body. The loss of blood, thirst, hunger, flesh, etc. We, our sins, crucified Jesus Christ. He suffered for YOU and yet you can’t attend church on Wednesday night? 



God gave His only son. God didn’t get a bargain, He gave Himself. When selling a car would you purchase a $10,000 car for $20,000? God gave it all for you. Who’s the biggest sinner you know? God turned His back on His only son. Could you punish an innocent person? How could God punish His only Son all the while knowing He was innocent? Because He loves us. 

John 7:39, 12:21-24, 13:31, 17:4-5

There was glory in the shame, suffering, and shame but you must be a believer to see and know. A lost person doesn’t see it or understand, they can’t. Isaiah 63:1-2