The Dangers of Self-Righteousness (Part 2)

July 20 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Luke 18:9-14

Most lost people don’t want to go to church because they think they are just as good as the saved person. They think they don’t need God because they’re good. They have a self-righteousness about them that declares them just as good.
Dependent on self
There’s not a minute that goes by that God is not helping us to get through. We have nothing that God hasn’t given us. Instead of trusting in God, we trust in ourselves. When a decision is to be made we rely on ourselves to make it. When you depend on yourself then you’re literally praying with yourself. When you pray to yourself no one hears you. When you trust in yourself then you’ve put all faith in yourself to complete it all.
Despise others
The word despise means hate. Your heart will begin to hate others because you’ve declared what is right and wrong based on self-thinking. We live in a world full of hate but great love for ourselves. To look down your nose and think you are better than another is a sin and full of hatred. A lost person thinks that a Christian either hates them or affirms them. According to the Word of God, a Christian can’t do either one of them. What this means is that there is a huge gap in communication.
Divide sin
Making one sin worse that another sin. According to the Word of God, He doesn’t say that one sin is worse than another. In fact, He declares that having one sin will cause you to go to Hell. A six-year-old sinner that gets saved has just as much sin debt as a 70-year-old sinner that gets saved. Both would end up in Hell if either of them rejected Jesus Christ as their personal savior. God hates all sin yet loves the sinner. This is something that is hard to comprehend.
Determine our own justice
Setting their own bar comparing others to oneself. In Luke 18: 12 he declared that doing something made a higher mark with God. Thinking that you’ve done something of great value in God’s eyes.
Being self-righteous is something that can happen in a quick second. The way to remove it is to humble yourself before God.