The Crossroads

November 8 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 32:1-2

We as a Christian are above all laws of the world. Those laws that are given to a Christian is to love God with all your heart and to love others as yourself. He didn’t say to only love those that look like you or act like you. It’s to love EVERYONE!
Ezekiel 18:1-32
Sin causes death. From the beginning of time and the first sin was made, from that point on a curse was made on man that the penalty for sin was death.
A person will never get to Heaven thru their works. The world will say an eye for an eye but this goes against Gods law. Jesus told us that we should do for the least of us.
When you die you will not be able to reason with God for those things that you did or didn’t do. You will say amen to your own doings. You will open your eyes to either Heaven or Hell. Make sure that you’ve been save today, don’t wait till it’s too late. You will stand alone when you are judged. You’re either lost or saved, nothing more, nothing less. There is nothing more that can be added or taken away.
In your entire life, God always makes a way of escape. It’s your choice if you choose the escape from sin or go thru with the sin. Sin is a deadly decision, it will finish what it starts.