The Captain

February 26, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Being alone with God is a beautiful thing. God does not sit idle. He is always ready and willing. There aren’t enough devils in Hell to defeat God. Which side are you on? God doesn’t follow you around trying to figure out which side you are on. He doesn’t serve you, you are to serve Him. 

Jesus Christ can not be described in His fullness completely.

Captain, sar, or commander. God is the commander of everything. Everything on this earth and everything in the heavens. We should line up with the captain because only He knows where we are going. Which side are YOU on? God doesn’t pick sides, WE are to choose a side. God is big!

God is the prince. He is high and lifted up. The prince of glory has come to set us free. He is able to do according to His good will and purpose. Our opinion or feelings don’t mean anything. God is sovereign. Our minds have a hard time comprehending how holy God truly is. 

What’s a proper response to the captain? One MUST give up on their own life and give it to the captain. The captain is the only one that knows the way to Heaven. 

The Messiah. The only person that would be born of a virgin whose rule would be forever. The one that would be sacrificed for our sins. The one that would die but resurrect on the third appointed day. The only one that is head of the church is the captain and the captain is Jesus Christ. There isn’t a deacon, preacher, or pastor that is the head of the church.

How often do you lose sleep worrying about what will happen next? You haven’t a clue what the day holds. The captain knows it all not because He is following you but because He has set your path. If you’re saved then you have trusted in God that He holds you in the palm of His hand. He hasn’t lost a single one and not a single thing will ever pluck you out of His hand. Satan on the other hand is running here and there trying his best to confuse, kill, and destroy everyone. If you trust God with your salvation and your life, then you should trust Him with the outcome of this world. He directs your path and your steps.

The first step to being one with the captain is to get rid of the world in your life. We have a terrible concept of whom we serve. We run to God crying saying don’t you know we are about to die. Even the disciples had no idea. In a boat out in a storm in the middle of the sea, the disciples began to panic. They thought they were going to die and woke up Jesus. Jesus declared they had little faith because He told them that they were all going to the other side. We are just the same. In our life, we hit all kinds of storms, and stumps, and take on water, so we begin to panic and call on God thinking He isn’t watching. The majority of the world does NOT know Jesus Christ. They will tell you they do but they lack a personal relationship. We can say we know the president of the United States, but you’ve never met him.

Can God do wrong? No. Is He all-powerful? Yes. Would you ever rebuke the Lord? You say you would never do that but day in and day out you try to captain your own boat, rebuking your captain. In this day and time, we can start to see the world going into great chaos. Closer and closer we are running to the end of time, the return of Christ. We see this happening weekly, daily. You need to know whose side you’re on. God is not on your side. The problem is not God’s power but the lack of us believing in it.