The Answer For the Questions In Life

August 24, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: John 14:1-7

Jesus prayed for you before you were even born. God is sovereign and all-knowing. Peter didn’t want to hear Jesus tell him he wasn’t ready to follow or go with Him. We don’t always know the plan of God. Don’t the world look for answers to their many questions? God knows your future and how your life is going to end. It’s not for us to know the details.
John 14:4
Peter wanted to know where Jesus was going and if he could follow Him there. But Jesus told them that they do in fact know where He was going and how to get there. Down in verse 5, we see that Thomas was calling out Jesus and basically calling Him a liar. We don’t think that he was meaning in a vile way just in a way of a human being honest. Jesus then answered them.
How many times have you admitted to God while you pray that you have no idea what to do? Usually, it’s because of ignorance and a lack of knowledge. The answer to every need is Jesus Christ. This might seem too simple but it’s the answer. We have no excuse to know the answer. We have the Word of God to be able to look back into history and see the answers. The men and women we read about in the Bible could only see their lifetime and therefore had an excuse to not know. Jesus is the answer.
Jesus IS the way
Jesus Christ is NOT a road map. Not everyone can read a road map. Some don’t even know the difference between north and south. Road maps are useless in this thing called life. All you need to know is if you are on The road. Straight is the road and it’s also narrow. When you travel by air there is some faith involved. You’re leaving everything to the aircraft and the pilot to get you to where you’re going safely. It took some knowledge to fly this craft yet we don’t need to know that stuff. Don’t we just trouble ourselves with those pointless questions? If you know Jesus Christ, then you know the way.
Jesus IS the truth
One could say they are the way but it’s something else to believe them, the truth, trust. Titus 1:2, God can not lie. His truth can set you free. What He says in the Bible and believing it is the truth. In math, 2 plus 2 will always equal 4. Simple math is always true and it never changes. 
Jesus IS the life
How do you get past death? The one thing that not a single person has ever bypassed, is death. Jesus Christ is the source of life. In John 11 we see Jesus prove that He IS life and brings Lazarus back to life from the dead.
The answer to all of your problems is Jesus. Who knows your future? Who will get you to Heaven? Proverbs 3:5-6