Spiritually Shipwrecked

June 13 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

There is grace today and it’s different than what it was back in biblical time. The plaque has begun. Being shipwrecked doesn’t mean that it’s done, over, or the end. If you’re hearing or seeing this today and realize that you’re shipwrecked, God can still help you. There is nothing out of God’s reach or beyond hope.

The plaque didn’t just start, it’s always been here. The warning is that the plaque is amongst us. There is something that stands between the well and the sick. If left undone and the plaque not taken care of when one catches it, it will certainly bring forth death.

Being in the boat of life we should not float too close to the shore. This shore while temping will bring forth death as well. One can’t play around with the shore of the world and not have consequences.

There is a standard, a truth of God’s word. No matter what the world says, doctors or politicians declare, God’s truth trumps their opinion. God’s truth will judge over anyone else’s thoughts or deads.

A warning from God’s word is that we should be careful of those that declare salvation yet are not and push false teaching. How many times has the word of God warned us of the sin that declares death as the end? Sin creeps in and snuffs out life as it goes. Back in the time of Moses, God’s wrath was seen because the people’s sin towards Him grew. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ, you WILL miss Heaven.

Sin is at the door and we have no time to compromise with it. Before you say you are in good shape, your flesh is weak and it is failing every second. God opens the earth and swallowed the ones that stood against Him and He then closed the earth back up. We do not know who you are or what you are doing but playing with God is no game. 250 of the princes of Isreal were taken in the blink of an eye. Don’t play games with sin because it will bring forth death. The children of Israel stood against Moses and Aaron which was God’s mouthpiece. God told Moses & Aaron to separate themselves from the people because He was about to destroy them. The people today seem to think God is a god of hate and not love. Yet, the truth is He hates sin and loves the persons. If a person plays with sin He will deal with the sin. Aaron was not willing for the people to die because he loved them and cared for their souls. He ran out with the smoking censor and tried to save the people that just a few moments earlier hated him. Yet while there were over 1400 people dead he stood between the living and the dead.

The truth has not changed and we will have to stand. We live through grace alone and without God, we would surely be shipwrecked. One can not recover this wreckage because Christ steers the boat. For 120 years Noah preached and yet no one listened. We know the outcome of this and it wasn’t because God didn’t love them. He warned them for 120 years and gave them every opportunity to be saved from this flood. In our time service after church service, the warning has gone out to be saved from certain death and a Hell that never ends its burning flames.