March 28 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Sorrow Unto Repentance

Year after year after year Israel rejected God each and every time that God gave them opportunity to turn towards Him. There is no difference between us and Israel. God loves them just the same as He loves us. Anyone that fails to repent will find themselves under a great judgement from God. Everything that goes against the word of God will require a great price. God will not allow a sin to take place without great consequences. Just Ike Israel, the world has gone in the wrong direction and currently the United States is headed quickly towards this godless nature. Innocent babies being ripped from the womb of woman and murdered. We are no different than Israel. 
God warned Israel over and over again to turn from their wicked ways but they refused. People want a feel good life of no judgement to be allowed to live a way of life that’s a lie. They want the ability to live how they wish.
We are currently living in a time of Grace. It is an opportunity for the lost to be born again. It doesn’t matter who or where a person comes from, ALL can be saved. Repentance today is out of style. Compromise the the new word. As long as no one gets their feelings hurt, they think you’re good to go. One can’t change Gods mind on what He knows.