Send Us With A Mission

November 29 2020
Series: Misc Sermons
In Luke 10:2 we see something that Jesus told us to do. He tells us to go out into the field and gather the harvest. There is not a lack of the gospel but a lack of laborers.
In Genesis we see that Abram was told to just go out, obey plus a promise. He told him to step out in faith.
In Exodus we learn the story of Moses with the burning bush. The bush that burnt but wasn’t consumed was used to allow God to speak to Moses. God told Moses to just obey and step out in faith.
In Isaiah we see him have a vision of God in Heaven and he seen himself undone before God. Once again God asked Isaiah to step out on faith.
God has already asked us to go but where is the act the laborers? 
God ask Jonah to go to something but Jonah ran from it. He didn’t want to do it so he ran from God’s request. He would rather die than do Gods work. However, when God picks a person to do a work, that’s the person He wants to do it. After Jonah realized that God was everything and controls everything, he repented and did Gods work.
There is a difference in those that do the work because they’ve made a choice than those that have been told and asked by God. We need people with a passion and hunger to work.
What good is a cup that is never used? One will keep it but will never use it. Anyone have a favorite cup? It’s always washed, prepared and used. Is there any glory in the cup itself, no, it’s just a cup. But what glory comes when the cup is used. 
Saul was just a man that hated the Christian. But on the road one day God chose him to do His work. Saul then realized that he couldn’t do what he used to do. Jesus then changed him to the point of changing his name to Paul and from that point on Paul did Jesus’ work.
Just like Saul’s life, if you’re a Christian God called you out one day and changed you from what you once was to something He needed. Just as an instrument a Christian is just like an instrument. A guitar is a wonderful instrument, it’s beautiful to look at but when it’s not played what good is it? Like most Christians they’ve been called and created and yet they do not do the job they’ve been called to do. Don’t be like an instrument that’s just left in a case and never used.