Search Me, O God

September 3, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Psalm 139:23-24

We should be honest enough to drop our pride and allow God to deal with our sins. This will require some searching. We like to lie about our soul and whether we are good or not. We were born this way and therefore we struggle with the truth. If you’re not trying to line up with the Word of God then you’ve created your own gospel to follow. You could have been raised at the feet of Billy Graham but if you’re lost you will die like everyone else and lift your eye in Hell.

The problem is that we are not willing to allow God to search us out. The stubborn part is that He already knows us but we refuse to deal with it and be honest with it. 

Psalm 139:1-6

You must have a vision of God, a knowing of Him.

  1. David starts it out by stating that God already knows, watches, and searches us. He is searching us at all times. He doesn’t take a time off. There is never a place, time, or thought that He doesn’t know about us. 
  2. God knows when we sit & stand. Something that seems so mundane or irrelevant, He knows. In order for God to properly judge He must know it all, all-knowing. God also knows your thoughts from afar. He’s the only one who knows our thoughts. We think we know ourselves yet can be wrong, He knows. Have you ever chased a rabbit in your thoughts and not know why you did? He knows why. 
  3. God knows in full our ways of walking and living. Not only does He know our walking but He knows our rest. This means He knows if we are active in our Spiritual walk and work, or if we have laid down on Him. He knows our doing and He cares how we do. He also knows when we rest and why. He also knows our ways, 24/7.
  4. He knows the words that are on the tip of our tongue. Those words that we don’t say but think it. This is like putting this statement into the bucket of thoughts. We may not have spoken it but He knows what it was and why it was going to be spoken.
  5. Beset, in-camped around or surrounded. God is in front, behind, on top, and below, He is all around us. Job’s life was surrounded by a hedge around him. We are in the Father’s hand and no one can pluck us out of it. God has surrounded us with His protection and love.
  6. David acknowledged that He knew God knew him, cared for him, and protected him. He knew and yet couldn’t comprehend it all. 

Psalm 139:23-24

It’s one thing to know that God loves and knows our life but it’s another to ask Him, invite Him to search, and remove what doesn’t belong in it. We all need to be honest with God.