Running From Fear

March 25 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 1 Peter 2:13-17

We are to serve God first and foremost because in the end, that is what we are judged by. Paul wasn’t afraid to stand against men for God’s namesake. Many a times he was beat for standing up! God raises countries and puts them down. He is able to raise a governor or a president to make control. Now their might be greed in the political system but in the end, God is still in control.

Our governor asked our churches to not meet due to trying to stop the spread of this virus. It is in protection and should be followed. Should we then sit in fear? No! We’ve changed the way we worship temporarily. God has slowed this nation to a crawl and He is able to bring us out of this.

Now there was a time when Elijah stood and watched the prophets of Baal cried out, cut themselves and called out to something that wasn’t there. There is not other god other than the ONE that created this place and you. Elijah encouraged them to continue with their worship to this false god. He then, during a drought, gathered gallons of water and prayed to God to prove Himself. Fire came from heaven and licked up ALL of the water proving that God is in full control and is the only one.

The world we live in might seem out of control. We can’t control what’s happening around us. Now you might be a Christian and sitting in your home wringing you hands, worrying about what is going to happen. Take heart, if God loves the little birds then He loves you! Be encouraged! This is something different, it might get people out of their boxes of comfort and cause them to come to Jesus.

Now Elijah ran from his problems and a lot of people will hide in this circumstance. Elijah ran as far as he could go. Now you might be worried about your job, food, health, but rest assured God loves you and will help you thru all of this. God sent an angel to Elijah and this angel took care of Elijah. We don’t know how hard this journey will be but know that God takes care of His children. He will not depart, He’s always right there with you. Once you’ve ran to the end of your road, hit that brick wall then you WILL call out to a higher being, God. Man will create fear, panic, and chaos but God is not in none of that! Elijah was in a cave and was calling out to God asking Him to speak to him. Many thing happened but God wasn’t in them but in a still small voice God spoke from the back of the cave. He was there all along. God asked him what are you doing here? Elijah was worried and explained to God like He didn’t know what was going on. God told Elijah, get down from the mountain, you have no idea what I’ve done. He had no sense of the worrying and to go do His work by preaching His word.

So what are you doing during this time? Are you sitting around at the house taking a vacation from God? Sitting a worrying? God will use this for His good. God is showing everyone that we all are sin sick. He’s called His people to stand firm on His word. He has a greater purpose! Be supportive and pray for one another. Pick that bible up and read it. Some have prayed for more time with God, now you have it, take it and use it! It’s a great opportunity to feed yourself. Many of people are too dependent upon the preacher to feed them. Pick up the Word of God and feed yourself!