Nothing But The Blood

September 3, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: 1 Peter 1:13-21

Anything that this world has to offer can’t get you into Heaven. The only thing that will get you into Heaven is Jesus Christ. 
Everyone has blood that flows through their body but it is corrupt. It’s not clean blood. There was only one that had clean blood that is incorruptible. 
Many will start out well in the beginning but it’s how you end that matters. We are not saved by corruptible things. We shouldn’t allow the small things in our lives to tear us down. We shouldn’t compromise with the devil and his small tricks. Society will tell you to just go along with it and it’ll be fine.
2 Chronicles 14
America isn’t calling out to God for help. They think they can do it all themselves with money and control. We should get into a place where we should call upon God for help. We are in trouble. We have people that live around us that are lost and if they don’t get saved they will forever be lost. No person will enter into Heaven because of their religion. We are not safe just because we want to ignore the enemy. We should be sober and vigilant. The enemy will destroy your testimony. 
Never stop proclaiming in whom you believe. Never stop giving God praise for the many blessings and grace that He gives. Don’t forget where you started from when you were saved. Don’t think that when you sin it doesn’t hurt anyone but yourself. 
The saved has a responsibility to live with the Lord and walk in the Lord. If you choose to live otherwise then He will also refuse you. Asa was doing really good because he was walking and seeking God up until he turned his back on God. He took it upon himself to run the show and fell hard with wars for the rest of his life. In order to see victory you must stay with God. He is a jealous God and He will not share Himself with another god.
Asa turned wicked because he was jealous. He put the man of God in jail and began to oppress his people. America was doing well in the beginning because they knew where to put their faith. If you are not going for God then you’re going with the devil. It’s one or the other.