Love No Matter What

October 25 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: John 15:12-27

Christ is giving us an example of how we are to live our lives. We know that we are to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they stand for, we are to love them just as Christ loves them. Christ loved them so much that He gave His life for them just as us. If we can’t love others then what good are we? 
There is nothing new today as it was year gone past. We just see it more because of the 24/7 news outlets, internet, etc. It’s in our faces all the time so we think it’s worse than before. Sin is the cause of these horrible things and sin has been around since the dawn of time.
Have you ever been hurt by a Christian? At times we can walk into a church and see clicks or groups sitting together and this might cause tension. Ever had an excuse to give that, “if you only knew what they did to me”? Ever been mad and hold an aught against them because of something petty? Matthew 18, we know how to handle our faults against each other. We are to BOTH go to each other and make a mends, love on another, forgive each other. If Christ is whiling to forgive us continually then we are to also forgive others continually. This is Gods commandment, not a recommendation. 
So how much love are we to show to one another? Now you’ve probably got family that you’d do anything to protect them. Would you do that for your neighbor, what about that person that made you mad? When we see someone go to the altar to we think they’ve done something bad? Love them! Pray for them! 
We pick and choose what we like and who we hang out with. We all don’t like the same things and want to hang out with the same people. This is all okay because we are all made differently. However, when it comes to the church we are not to pick and choose who we like or dislike based on what we like or not. It takes all kinds to make the church work. Think of this, what if your heart hated your brain or your left hand hated the right hand. We are to love all even though it’s different from what WE like. 
1 John 4; we may not know what they’ve done but God does. Anyone can say they love God. If you say you love God though and hate someone then you hate God. The commandment once again is for us as a Christian is love everyone.
Hebrews 10-24; We’ve seen a lot of these shared about currently due to the pandemic. However, what good does it do if the doors of the church are open and yet there is no love there? The doors can be open and the lights on but if the love is missing then there is more bad than good being done. If the Christians can’t get along then don’t expect the lost to jump on board.