November 15 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Looking Down Your Nose

Bible Passage: Matthew 5:21-26

The commandments have a deeper meaning than just the outward act. Most look at the external part of the commandments. In this particular scripture we see Jesus deal with not only the external but the internal issue of murdering someone. God is after the heart and we are to love and forgive one another.
Though shalt not kill. Most are not guilty of the physical act of killing someone but internally we are ALL most likely guilty. We are not to be angry but there are times that we are, but we are to be angry and yet not to sin. We can actually murder someone by using our tongues. We will act out in a way that it can kill someone from within. How many times have you been angry without a cause? The devil will come in a begin to stir the pot of anger and before we know it we cast anger to another, killing them. We have no idea what another is going thru and therefore we ought not to judge not one. 
Every act from our heart will be judged. It’s easy to overlook these three things. When you go anger without a cause. When you speak out and tell someone they are useless, which is pride. Raca which is pride, John 7:45-49; speaking over someone because you think they are lower than you. You might feel as if you are smarter than another and speak it or feel it. However, if you call someone a fool or tell someone to go to that horrible place, this is of hatred. Pure hate, cursing them to a place of torments. If this is the case then you yourself are in great dangers of feeling the fire yourself.
In these three points we see that you are in danger of judgement. For the Christian then great repentance is in order for not only with God but to the brother you spoke of. God hates pride and yet that is what comes from our heart. 
  1. You’re not God.
  2. You can’t keep yourself out of Hell.
  3. We should show love in ever circumstances.
How do we get out of these hate filled hearts and feelings? God knows your heart, period and you can’t be right with God until you’re right with your brother. No exceptions! When we remember that our brother has a problem with us, we are to make it right with the brother, then go to God. Mark 11:25, if you’re not willing to forgive them, then God is not willing to forgive you. Now, if you or reminded that you have a problem with a brother then you are to go to that person and seek forgiveness from them.