Just Come and See

February 11, 2024

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: 2 Kings 5:1-3

There are things in this world that declare God. Things that we experience in our lives that are clearly only a God thing. We ALL will be held accountable for things at our death. There is a God and we ALL will stand before Him and give an account of our lives lived. All that we have done, good or evil, will be judged.

There are people who don’t understand why people would go to church on a Sunday or Wednesday. It’s our responsibility as a saved person to help them understand whom we serve and why we attend to honor the one who saved us. The Gospel has power in itself. It doesn’t need us to soften it or harden it. It abides in a saved person and it’s our responsibility to share it with others.

In this reading, we see a man with leprosy. His little maid was excited to hear about Jesus coming through because she knew He could heal him of this great disease. If you are a lost person then you are like this man with leprosy, sick and in need of a cure. The saved should be excited to share the Healer with the lost people so they can be healed. The lost must want to be healed of their sickness before they’ll want the cure. The church attendance problem is due to the fact that the congregants don’t think they are sick.

There isn’t a single person who is not a sinner. A person is born into sin whether they want to or not. This is part of the original sin and curse of Adam and Eve. There was a certain man named Bartimaeus and he was born blind. Every day they would bring him out and lead him to where people passed him in order for him to gain donations. There was one day that Jesus walked by and he cried out to Jesus for His touch of healing. His cries stopped Jesus in His tracks. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, cry out to Jesus.

Most don’t intend to lay down on God but just a little sin will cause great harm. Naomi just thought she was just living in a place for a very short time. What she found out was that that little stay turned into a destructive, sinful life for her family. The Prodigal Son did the same thing. He left his protection and wanted to do what he wanted to do. Once there he lost everything. Satan is out to steal and destroy and he will make you think you’re doing alright until he’s destroyed everything you once had.

In today’s reading, we have no idea who the maid was. She wasn’t named. An unnamed maid told the Naaman and an unnamed messenger also told Naaman. Naomi was in the same place. An unnamed person told Naomi that there was no longer a drought to go back home. Both Naomi & Naaman just needed someone to be obedient and tell them some good news.

Nathaniel wasn’t looking for anything just sulking in his depression, and here came Phillip running to find his friend. The best friend you will ever have is the one who will point out your sin and then tell you how to get it taken care of. Phillip told him the good news of Jesus, their savior. All that one has to do is just say, “Come and see”. A simple invitation to salvation.

When the servants went out to invite the people to the master’s great feast, the people invited all came back with some type of excuse as to why they couldn’t come. When the servants went back to inform the master, he told them to go back out and invite all of the invalids, so they did as they were told. Once the servants went back out and invited the invalids, they all accepted the invitation and came. The master then stated, that there was still room for more. This story is about Jesus telling his children, the saved, to go out and invite the lost. Compelling them to come into the great feast to fill his great hall. Not all will accept the invitation but we are still to invite them anyway.

Jesus didn’t tell us to save them. He just told us to invite them.