Jesus Christ the Same

November 20, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Hebrews 13:1-9

As Christians, we should know and do the first 9 verses of Hebrews 13. The scripture we will focus on is verse 8.

The same
Before anything was created God was there. This is hard for the human mind to grasp completely. We don’t have to understand it yet we must believe it. Jesus Christ the same. You must go beyond the creation, before Genesis. God was there before the start of everything. Jesus Christ the same. He is the same as God. There’s not a single person that can say that about another. People can’t stay the same over time, they change. Jesus Christ the same. Notice there is no verb. The same is descriptive of what He is. He never changes, what He is, in the beginning, is the same as when in forevermore. Are you in awe yet?

Some people change for the worse. The devil can creep in and can cause a person to become evil. Now, this can be a temporary thing if a person seeks God and repents of their wicked way.
Adam and Eve in the garden, in the beginning, we know that they sinned against God. God removed them from the garden and blocked them off from them entering it again. There was something in the garden that they couldn’t get to and that was the Tree of Life, Jesus Christ. Christ is still the same.
When they sinned something had to die as a sacrifice for their sin. This is for telling the coming of the ultimate sacrifice that would forever be the covering for sin, Jesus Christ.

Some people will go to Hell. It will not be because of God, but because they refused His precious son. It’s up to those people, it’s a choice one must and will make to either be saved or lost. God continues to give grace to this day. For 120 years Noah built a boat and warned the people to be saved. Yet they refused to be saved and 7 days later they perished. God wants you to be saved.

Never leaves
Four men had been brought out of what they had been taught and refused to change. Ten days went by and they only ate basically nothing yet gained weight. They went against the flow, the world, Satan. They then were forced to bow before a false god. They refused and chose to be thrown into a furnace, choosing death over worshipping a false god. Into the fire, they were thrown and they refused to leave the fire because they were walking around in peace with God.

Daniel was despised because he prayed when he was told not to. He was thrown into a den of hungry lions. God protected him.

Present time
We as Christians stand here today because there were people that took a stand for God. Those men and women and children and those children had children. Over time we come to the present. The God they served is the same God we serve today. Jesus Christ the same.

A person’s salvation will likely not be documented or make the news in this world. Now a person’s family might document it but in the end, it wasn’t important to the world. In Heaven, there is a book, the Book of Life. When a person is saved they are documented and their name is written there. Their name is never erased and is forever documented. The point is Jesus Christ the same. What He did then He does today. He said He loves you and therefore He will always love you. If you’ve never been saved then today is the day to be saved if He’s calling your name.