Increase Our Faith

July 28 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Luke 17:5-6

If the disciples struggled with their faith while they walked alongside Jesus, then surely we have possibly had a more difficult time. We read about so many where Jesus did miraculous things yet the disciples requested for Jesus to increase their faith.

Luke 17:5-6; we read the disciples requested more faith. We then see Jesus describe what had just a little bit of faith can do.

Matthew 17:18-20; again we read Jesus do something and then Jesus once again describes what having small faith can do. He still didn’t tell them how to obtain faith.

Matthew 19:25-26
Is our faith the size of a mustard seed? Now Jesus could most certainly make a tree move from one place to another. He could tell a mountain to move and it moves. We are talking about the same person that created the very Earth we stand on. So what is faith?

Hebrews 11:1
Faith is believing. Some will say they have no faith yet if you ask them if their car still sits where you parked it, you’ll say yes. You have faith that when you insert the key into the car it will start. The question is not do you have faith, it’s whether you’re using it correctly. When you pray do you pray with faith? So why did Jesus not explain how to increase their faith? Your faith has nothing to do with anything when put into things that mean nothing. However, if you put your faith in Christ then all things are possible. Faith is to the soul as the eyes are to our body. The Bible states that we do not walk by sight but by faith. Ask yourself, what is it that you hope for the most? You shouldn’t want earthly things. Your desire, your hope should be for the lost to be saved. If you can find in the Bible the thing that you hope for and God has promised it, then hang on.

1 Peter 1:8; this is a perfect example of faith. You can’t see God and yet you say you love Him.

Hebrews 10:38-39; here we read what faith is used for. Faith should be a muscle that we exercise daily. When you stop using your faith then you’re not living as a believer in Christ.

To increase your faith you must use it daily and at all times. It makes the devil mad every time you try to do something of a spiritual nature. Not only does the devil not like it but your flesh hates it as well.

1 Peter 1:7; the daily walk with Christ, believing in your heart, seeing God work, increases your faith like walking upstairs. You must exercise your faith at all times to have your faith increase.