August 1 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Hypocritical Flesh

Bible Passage: Galatians 6:7-10

If we are not careful we will say one thing and do another. We sow to the flesh and expect spiritual reaping. In this reading, there is a grave warning to the saved. The lost are simply blind and do not know better. Yet the saved know the truth and are in constant warfare between the spiritual and the flesh.

Don’t be deceived

If things are done in the flesh then you can be assured that it is only for the flesh. Many people do nothing but work expecting to get themselves into Heaven on that concept. They feel that God will have more favor upon them for the works that they have done. God has already proved His love for us. Just because you sing or pray doesn’t mean that it was spiritual. Singing well doesn’t mean that it honors God. One can’t plant a corn seed and think it will grow into a cucumber. Attending Sunday School and participating doesn’t mean that it was accepted by God.

Mockery of God

When you do these things and play church, you are jacking a mockery of God. When one does things out of habit it’s a mockery. Attending church just because it’s Sunday. Singing just because others are singing. Praying because others are praying. Tithing because others are tithing. In some churches, they work of the flesh with great speakers and music yet all while the spiritual side is left out. It was all flesh gratification and is a mockery unto God. A preacher can stand before hundreds and give an eloquent lesson on any topic of struggle, yet if it’s without God it was a waste unto Him.

The actions are the same but what motivates is the key. Giving someone a glass of water because you want them to see you in a different view is fleshly and is a mockery of God. God knows the heart and its intent. Don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. In other words, when you give don’t brag about it.