Have You Made Peace With God?

April 3 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Ephesians 2:11-18

John 14:27
A lot of people have in their minds, torments that quickly enter their hearts. They look to the things of the world to capture peace. These things may bring a piece of happiness but it’s just for a season and quickly fades. Then, they are off to find another worldly peace. People run around trying to create their own peace but, just like worldly peace it never sticks. Some think that being right with God revolves around what they do. We can’t make peace with God no matter what we do. God gives you His peace, not the other way around.
A Remembering – Ephesians 2:11
One has to have a remembrance of a change. This remembrance brings forth the before and the after of this great event. God removed the separation between Jew and Gentile and made them one. They both will be saved the same way and not in a fleshly way but by invitation only. One can’t be saved just because they want to be. God must invite you first before you can accept His invitation.
God is Peace – Ephesians 2:14-16
If you think that making peace with God is something we do, you’re mistaken. God is the creator of peace and we can’t make it. The blood of Christ cleared the way to God and paid the penalty that we couldn’t pay for sin. God is our peace. How can we in the flesh claim that we have MADE peace? It’s not yours to make peace. We must receive peace from the creator, God. Romans 10 shows us that God brings peace to us. We live in a time where churches are telling people that all you got to do to be saved is, repeat a prayer, be a good church member, send in your money, be a good person, etc. The problem with these things is that they are unbiblical and are a lie from the devil. These things are all about self and lead to Hell. You will not be saved just because you want to be because God must invite you. Before we are saved we have enmity with God. Jesus came and made the ultimate sacrifice creating the peace that He can give to remove the enmity.
Preaching Peace – Ephesians 2:17-18
There came a day when Jesus came into this world not to condemn the world but to save the world. The angels made their announcement to the shepherds that night proclaiming that peace had come into the world. Once again, creating the peace that only He can give. If you do not have peace it’s because you don’t have Christ. Money will never purchase your peace. 
The instant God invites you to receive His peace you will have the greatest fear of dying and burning forever in a devil’s fire in Hell. Just as the fear comes in an instant, the peace that only He can provide can be yours if you accept His invitation. Peace for your soul, your mind, your heart, your life, your everything. His peace is beyond any understanding. If God is inviting you, trade your sin for His peace. Stop searching for peace that you will never find. Answer the call of God.