Get Uncomfortable For Christ

June 1 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Acts 4:1-17

People today will talk about church and anything that it involves but the minute you mention Jesus the conversation changes. People don’t like to talk about Jesus because He convicts of their sins. In this scripture, we see some men that were bold for Christ and didn’t worry about what others thought or even would do to them. We often times cower when it comes to speaking to someone about Jesus Christ. At times we like to sugarcoat Christ. We are not bold for Christ and stand strong for Him.
The churches today are full of people but those people are attending a church that is missing something. The buildings offer a great experience and entertainment. The biggest thing that these churches are missing is Jesus Christ. These churches do not preach sin, salvation, or Jesus Christ but preach being a good person.
Satan doesn’t want you to speak about Jesus. He knows there is power in the name of Christ. He is going to try to keep you and others to keep you from speaking and teaching others of Jesus Christ. If you’re one of Christ’s then you should be boldly standing for Him. Look at your persecutions. If you’re not being persecuted then you likely are not standing boldly. Satan will attack those that are actively working boldly for Christ. The scripture is full of men and women that were persecuted for Christ’s sake because they were boldly standing for Christ. All these people had to do is to just stop preaching and teaching Jesus Christ. The people, Satan would have left them alone if they had just stopped.
The only reason a saved person is here on this earth is to work for their Savior. Telling others about their Savior. Showing others the love of their Savior. When Paul and Silas were in jail it was at their worst times. When God open the doors of their jail cell they refused to leave. At that moment the jailer knew there was something about them and asked how to be saved. There might be something that you are going through simply because God is working on something that you don’t know about where someone needs to be saved. The persecution that Paul and Silas had gone through being jailed had an outcome in the jailer and his entire household being saved.