October 24 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 1:1-6

A person is blessed because their sins are forgiven. But not only are they blessed because of this but because they are reminded of the sin and they seek repentance. It’s the joy and contentment of being one of God’s thru His salvation. 

How often do you thank God that your vehicle started? What about the simple food that you might snack on? Keep in mind that He sends these types of blessings to the saved and lost. One should go back to Wednesday’s message on Psalm 32 to fully understand Psalm 1.

The minute you get saved is not the end. There is work to be done. God hands us gifts once we are saved that He wants us to do. There is also a general expectation of all of His children. He expects us to love everyone, serve others, and live right. A lot of people want to talk about loving God but their life doesn’t prove it. Ever heard the saying, “put your money where your mouth is”? Ask anyone if they are going to Heaven and they will most likely tell you yes. However, this is a lie because they’ve never been saved.

There should be an urgency once we awake each morning that we should live for God. Would you like to be blessed? Everyone in their right mind would answer that question with a yes. A lot of people think that having stuff, relationships, etc. is a symbol of being blessed. These things are temporal and are not indicators of truly being blessed.

If you’ve been born again then you’ve been made a saint. You can’t be made any higher than what you are once you’re saved. There is nothing greater than to live right, live for God. This is very unpopular in today’s society because most think being a Christian is a downer. People think that Christians never have fun or are happy. However, being a Christian is such a joy that surpasses everything. A lot of people like to rationalize their sins. “I love them therefore it makes it right to live with each other.” This is a lie from the devil and it run rampant in our society.

Here are some things that we should not want to do.

  1. Do not walk with the ungodly. Everywhere you turn the ungodly is telling you how to live. We have heard it a lot, “as long as you’re happy, you’re okay”. One can’t get the growth from the world. The people you work or go to school with, do they know you are a Christian?
  2. Do not stand in the way of sinners. We are all about social distancing today. The Bible says we as Christians are not to be in the sinner’s walk. Instead of calling it social distancing let’s call it spiritual distancing. A Christian doesn’t need to witness and friend someone by going to a bar with them.
  3. Do not sit with the sinners. It’s usually more comfortable to sit than stand. It’s very easy to get comfortable with sin. You’ll quickly find that if you sit with it you’ll become accustomed to it. Just because the world does it doesn’t mean you should. A saved person if they play with sin will quickly because sad, depressed, unjoyful, etc. 

Here are the things we as Christian are to do.

  • We are to be in the Word at all times. These things do not appeal to the flesh however, if we are doing it often enough then we will find it a blessing.

There are rewards for doing these good things. The world falsely preaches that if you are prospering via the materialistic way then you are blessed and following God. However, this is false doctrine and simply not true. Many people walk a glorious life and are poor but are the most blessed persons around. Money doesn’t bring forth happiness.

Another reward is we will be as a tree planted by a river, strong and unmovable. We will bring forth fruit and our leaves will never wither. The fruit will prosper, grow other Christians. Our leaves will never wither. Our age whether young or old are blessed just the same.

The lost are like chaff. The wind just blows them away to a from and is not God’s. Chaff is the outer part of the wheat is holds no value to the wheat and is cast away, burnt, destroyed.

God knows the saved and the lost. He knows if you’ve been saved and are living right or are living against Him. He already knows. Are you lost? Are you saved and living right? It matters.