Be Careful Which Way You Pitch Your Tent

April 22 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

We should be laying up treasure not here on earth but up in Heaven. Lot pitched his tent too close to Sodom and he began to watch Sodom. Little by little he began to lust after what he seen there and then left and began living in Sodom. Lot’s army was then captured due to his lust. In the life of David we see that he began to lust after another woman. Those that are saved, you’re living in a world that you’re not supposed to live. Doing things that you’re not supposed to do. You don’t have to live like that because God has a recipe to cure those lustful temptation and lifestyles. God knows how to deliver His children!

Lot lived in the tent everyday. He didn’t have to go to Sodom but he was just as we are. The children know what they are supposed to do. Reflect back to the times that you were in Gods house, singing His songs, revival times, to where God just filled you up and you just began to praise Him. You got beside yourself and didn’t care about what others thought about worshipping the Lord. It’s about a relationship between you and God. There is a way out. Not a single person knows your life but you and God.

How many times have the men and women of God held us up with their prayers? They touched Heaven trying to keep us afloat while we lusted in our flesh. God knew where Lot was, He knows where you’re at. Lot lived there for so long that he didn’t want to leave that place. Even when the angels showed up he still didn’t want to leave. The angels had to grab their hands and pull them away.

He lived, linger and he lost. Lot never reached his full potential due to his decisions that he made. There was something that made his wife look back. Just as the commandment was given to not look back, we should be doing the same. When God brings you out of something, turn from it and don’t look back. How many times has God sent a word to you and yet you went right back to the way you were living?

Are you tired of losing?
Remember what and who God is. Humble yourself, pray, seek Gods face and repent, then God will hear from you. Let God be God in your life.