Are You A Boat Builder?

March 30 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 2 Peter 2:5-10

Just as in biblical times the Old Testament, we know that God gave the people warning and warning. God still does this today because He does not change. In the day of Noah, we know that He was told by God to prepare an ark, a large boat. God has also told us to build our boat. God told Noah exactly how to build it, how large, the contents, everything. God did us the same way. He didn’t just throw us out into the world and tell us, good luck. He gave us an instruction manual to follow from birth until death. In the carnal world we get more hungry the less we eat but in the Spiritual world we get hungrier the more we eat.
God will always keep His promises but not your potential. God does not push you along your journey. Instead, He walks in front of you asking you to follow Him, leading you along.
If you’ve been saved then there are things that come to you naturally. Reading your bible, attending church, loving your neighbor, etc. God tells us when we do things that contradict His way. You need to be like Noah was. If one of Noah’s neighbors came by can’t you see a conversation between them about what he was doing? Noah being on dry ground at the time, it had never rained before, and yet here he was building a boat. Noah explaining to them why he was doing it and them laughing at him. He warned and warned and all they had to do was to get on the boat.
Are you building your boat?