Wherefore He Is Able

November 22, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Hebrews 7:24-28

The reason God is able is because He is strong. Ability is only as good as how able one is. God is able to do anything because there is nothing too hard for God.

Jesus is able…

…to heal the sick.
The four Gospels are full of what Jesus did. He came into the world as the great physician and He is still doing. There was a certain blind man who lay beside a road. Bartimaeus was blind and asked Jesus to have mercy on him. He called out to his Lord Jesus and asked Him to heal him of his blindness.
A paralytic had a few friends who heard Jesus was in town. They hauled him to the house, tore the roof off, and lowered him down to Jesus. Jesus saved him and his friends and then healed him.

…to raise the dead.
It’s one thing to be sick but it’s another if you’re dead. Jesus was headed to Jarious’s daughter and got caught up with a woman who needed to be healed of her blood. The daughter died yet that didn’t stop Jesus. He walked in and told her to live again.
A widow woman who just lost her son. Jesus saw them carrying his coffin. He laid His hand on it and told the son to live again.
Jesus had a friend, Lazarus. Jesus waited until he had died and lay there for three days until Jesus went to see him. Jesus is life and therefore He is in control of it. He told His friend to come forward and he walked out of his tomb.
There is a day coming for all of us who die before Jesus’ return. Jesus will raise His children from the dead to be forever with Him.

…forgive of sins.
A woman was caught in the very act of adultery. He knelt down and wrote on the ground, condemning those around them. He then saved her of her sins.
Another woman was at a well and she was living in fornication. Her reputation was horrible so she went in the heat of the day to avoid others that knew her. Jesus met her and had a conversation with her and then saved her.
Murders, child molesters, pedophiles, etc. All of these things we think are the worst sins but we that are saved were just as bad as those before we were saved.
A father had a son who was possessed by multiple demons. The father took his son to Jesus’ disciples and they couldn’t do it. The father then took him to Jesus. Jesus simply cast the demons out. Legend was another that was possessed by many demons. Jesus came over to the island where he was and the demons knew and recognized Jesus coming. Jesus simply told them to leave him and they did.

…to save to the uttermost.
The greatest miracle that has ever happened is the salvation of a soul. Not only does Jesus save the soul, He saves them so they can never be unsaved. Jesus saved a bunch of smelly fishermen to preach and establish the church. Jesus even saved a thief while they were dying on the cross. There are no limits to His salvation. Jesus calls out to whosoever, anyone to be saved.

John 21:25, there are so many things that Jesus has done that it could never be exhausted.