The Ram Is On The Way

November 19, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Genesis 22:6-13

Abraham had a hard choice to make with his son. He did exactly what he knew he had to do, sacrifice his only son. God told Abraham what to do and he obeyed. He bound his son, bound just so he would run away. Once Abraham had gone through the torment of climbing the mountain, all the while knowing he was going to sacrifice his son. He prepared the offering including his son. Once he had gone to the point of no return, God sent an angel to stop him. If you’re in a tough spot, a ram will be provided. God provided a ram for Abraham and Isaac. When you’re going through a battle a “ram” will be provided. That ram is your way of escape. The way out, your escape is always there. Once the “ram” is provided we must be thankful. The “ram” is Christ, He is the way of escape. He’s always there and He’s there for you.