The Persecuted

October 11 2020
Series: Misc Sermons
Topic: Beatitudes

Bible Passage: Matthew 5:10-12

Anyone can be persecuted for just about anything. There was never a promise given to anything other than being persecuted for Christs sake. Most people in America have never been persecuted for Christ. There have been some that have been singled out for sure like those that have worn a shirt stating “Jesus loves you” and they are told to remove it.
If one continues to take a stand for Christ they will be persecuted. There are those around us that all they do is seek out after those that take a stand for Christ. We must be asking God daily for courage to stand for Him. Jesus was very clear when He said that those that saved will be hated.
Persecution: to be harassed or punished in a manner designed to injure, grieve or inflict. To make one suffer because of their beliefs. 
Reviled: to subject one to verbal abuse; to ridicule or curse one due to their beliefs.
Slander: the utterance of false charges or lies which defame and damage another’s reputation.
In our history we can see hundreds of men and women that took a stand from Christ and were persecuted, put to death. Nero would take Christians and would bury them with their heads shown, drenched with wax and pitch, and burnt alive. All they had to do is renounce Christ to stay alive. 
The now and eternal.
The now: There is nothing more important than Jesus and God loves His beloved son. In persecution there will be pain and sorrow but, the promise is that when those things happen there will be a great support from God Himself. 
The eternal: Those that are truly persecuted for Christ have a special reward awaiting in Heaven for them. 
A lot of the problems that we see in the world is because it hasn’t been tried or tested and the church has become relaxed. Suffering makes one stronger. Cancer, one can’t say that they have suffered with cancer for Christ because everyone gets cancer regardless of their salvation. The lack of persecution brings forth laziness in a church. It should be the other way around. The church that has the most freedom should be the most active but yet we see in our own neighboring churches that are struggling to stay open due to the lack of attendance. When persecution comes you will pray and pray and make you stronger.