The Peacemakers

October 11, 2020

Series: Misc Sermons

Topic: Beatitudes

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Scripture: Matthew 5:9

If we think of the word alone we would take it as we are to go around making peace out of conflict. But, there is more to it that just that. There is peace in every circumstance. God said to leave the vengeance to Him. We often respond in anger instead.
James 3:17-18
In order to have peace we must have it thru Jesus Christ. One doesn’t know what peace is until they have been given peace thru salvation.
There are those among us that just like to make trouble. If that is of your spirit then you’re of the wrong spirit. The lost do not need more trouble, complaining, or hate. They need peace.The fruits of righteousness brings forth peace.
We can’t fix our own problems let alone someone else’s. The reason why is because we don’t know how to fix those things. Peace is always there. Hebrews 12:14; we are to follow peace with everyone. Less confusion and that it would bring about God. Just think about the number of suicides there are. These people feel as if they had no hope. In Christ He brings forth hope, a peace that nothing else can give. Are you living in that peace?
Romans 12:18; 
Confusion: God is not the author of confusion
1 Corinthians 14:33
Peace is something that everyone wants and needs. One can’t purchase peace. However, one can make peace. He gives us the ability to sow peace in order to grow more peace. The world is extremely hungry for peace and go around trying to steal it.
We need to share our peace. When we come to a problem we should offer peace about it. Ephesians 2:17; Jesus preached peace to those that we would think they needed repentance. We are not to divide but to bring peace. Ephesians 6:15; our feet are to be of peace. This means that everywhere our feet take us we should be prepared to give peace.
When the enemy comes and we fall victim to it, that is when we are to bring peace. Do not react with anger or revenge, react with peace and love. Jesus didn’t preach vengeance or repentance but peace and love.
2 Corinthians 13:11; we are to be perfect. Christ does not expect us to be a failure. Have comfort, which comes from Christ. One mind also comes thru Christ and brings unity. Then we are to live in peace and create conflict. Being in the flesh means we will fail at growing peace. When this happens we are to repent and love.
The now and eternal.
The now: The benefit of the peacemaker today is the peace itself. It gives us great peace today, something that a lot of people lack and struggle with having.
The eternal: If we are a peacemaker then we will be called the children of God. There shall be no more death, be equal with angels, and be called the children of God. Not an angel, this is not biblical. Equal to but an angel is not called a child of God. The children of God will gather around His throne and worship Him forever more.
Isaiah 57:19-21; to have His peace you must be one of His and accept His invitation to salvation.