Salt & Light

October 18 2020
Series: Misc Sermons
Topic: Beatitudes

Bible Passage: Matthew 5:13-16

Are you a Christian? Are you Born Again? Are you a Child of God?
Being born again means you ARE salt and light to the world. 
When something is seasoned right it makes it better. There are degrees of saltiness, yet it’s the same salt. What makes things saltier than others, it’s not necessarily the quantity of salt but the one accepting it, Col 4:6. The pallet of salt is different. A teaspoon of salt can go a long way. Just like Jesus Christ, a little bit of Him can go a LONG way. 
Salt has been around for a long time. One way to use salt is to season while others is to cure something. Salt has been used to draw out the bad to make something keep, a purifier. 
Salt also can be a bad thing. Salt has one purpose and if it losses it’s purpose then it’s of no good. There is stuff out there that just isn’t salt, it’s not bitter, this is not salt.
How effective is your salt? Has it been watered down?
Eph 5:8; You know that when you see lights off in a distance you know that there is something there. Usually these lights indicate life, civilization. Also when light is exposed it can’t be hidden. In room full of darkness, a tiny match can brighten the entire room. In persecution and being the light, one can’t hide to protect themselves. Their light is showing and can’t be hide. When a person uses a candle to light their way they hold the candle up high. Now there are those that love darkness which means they hate the light. 
Are you blinding others? Has your light been hidden?
The salt is just that, salt it does what it does. The light is the light and it does what it does. Jesus is Jesus and He is the salt and the light and we are to let Him do what He does. When you use your salt and light then Jesus works thru you and others will see Him.