Our Well

May 8 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Is there dirt in your well? Our wells should be clean. A lot of people in this day and time have city water. Water that’s treated and stored in large towers to supply the pressure. However, there are still those of us that have had a well dug for their source of water. City water has a taste to it often chlorinated and many dislike it. A well that’s dug if its source is good has no taste. Cities and communities were often built around a good water source, a well. The church building is likened to a well-house that is covered and protected to keep the water clean. Many gather in the building to drink from the well. We all have a part to play to keep the well clean. We also have a well within us and we must also keep it clean and not contaminate other wells. We have a responsibility to keep our wells clean and to make sure it’s producing clean water. We all have a responsibility to keep our church up. It’s not your church or the pastors but, OUR church. The church is the well in the community, the life-giving force. When the well dried up then the community had to move to another source.

If you neglect your well then the enemy will come in and try to fill it in. The devil’s greatest desire is to fill in the “wells” of the world. Many wells have been dried up and yet people still attend them thirsting for the living water. It’s a dangerous thing when our attendance becomes sporadic and we begin to break the covenant of the church. Some go week to week without drinking from their well. 

Those that are part of this church know where it’s at. They haven’t forgotten where it’s at. There are times when we neglect the upkeep of the well and dirt comes in. Just because there is dirt there doesn’t mean the well can’t be used. We must do the hard part and get the dirt out of our well. If someone’s well has been filled in then others with clean wells can offer their clean water. How many times have we heard the Spirit of God tell us to repent and yet we turn a deaf ear to Him? The devil doesn’t want you to clean out your well. He would rather you just sit back and leave it alone. If you just take the effort and ask God to help you to clean out your well, then He is faithful to help.

How many people needed a drink from your well this week? Is your well clean? Were you able to give them a drink of clean water? How’s your well doing, is there dirt in it? It’s our personal responsibility to make sure our wells are clear and clean of the filth of this world. One can certainly take a drink from someone else’s well but this will not sustain you forever. We must have a clean well of our own to draw from.