Of This Will I Be Confident

January 18, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Psalm 27:1-4

There is someone in every service that is hindered by fear or doubt. The saved should be confident in some things. God has never changed and we should have great confidence in Him. For the child of God, there are good days and bad days but God is always with us. We live in a world that is controlled by fear. With every medium, today lies are spread quickly and abundantly. Whatever illness you want to place in the blank, one can die from it. The devil wants to keep you scared and afraid. Yet, until it’s your time until God calls your number you will still be here. God alone dictates when you leave this world. Our temperament has a lot to deal with our fear. Some are born and created to have a natural fear while others it doesn’t bother. How do you not have fear? Have confidence.

The world we live in is afraid of the darkness, not the lack of light but the devil. The things you can’t see or are unknown to you. The whispers that the devil puts in your ears.

The Lord is your Light.
If you’ve got light, then you’ve got it whipped. What is light, Jesus! The light that never goes out, is always there, the light to your path, and exposes the truth by running off the darkness. In Heaven, there is no sun because God is the only light. Being in a dark place. We as Christians should be careful with this saying. Being in a valley or walking thru the valley, sure. But God never leaves therefore you’re not ever in a dark place.

The Lord is your Salvation.
Deliverance, helper, prosperity, hope. People work hard to control everything in their own life. They lay up treasures to keep things calm and at ease. Not a single person knows what they really need in the future. Whatever rescue you need tomorrow God knows. There’s never been a time when God is not there to help you. Whatever they tell you on the news you can’t be confident in. Yet, whatever God tells you, you can have ALL confidence in. A Christian always has the greatest help.

The Lord is your Strength.
The strength of your life comes from God. His might has never wavered. Isaiah 41:10; when you don’t have strength, He’s got it!

The Lord is your Protector.
The devil or the enemies are not your problems. Have you ever had a big brother, someone that watched over you? What battle of your life do you think He wasn’t there? Nothing will touch you until it’s filtered through God’s hand first. The devil wanted to get to Job and had to ask for permission from God to get to him. God told him what he couldn’t do to him. God protected Job through it all.

Why do people not go to church? Because they don’t want to. Why is that? Because they lack confidence in God. Jesus said, they that hunger & thirst for Him, He will feed them. But you’ve got to have confidence in Him. One must seek after God. When you have confidence in God it will bring a skip in your step when you attend church. It thrills your heart to have confidence in God! David wanted to be in the house of God so he could behold the beauty of God. Has your heart seen Him? Have you beheld Him? Have you inquired of God? Have you asked Him your heart? Prayed? Don’t excuse yourself from prayer.

When you’re confident in God you’ll want to come to church to see Him and to pray to Him.