Ignorance to Righteousness

June 17 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Romans 10:1-10

Anyone should recognize that in this day and time that we live that people have turned away from God. Not just in the cities and the turmoil that is happening but in our own church. God could call this thing to an end and He would be 100% right in doing so. There is nothing that needs to take place before He comes because it’s all been fulfilled. The number one problem is that there are still people that are lost.

This world is filled with places like ours, called a church where people meet and assemble. Within these buildings there are many that sit and claim a salvation but it’s not of Gods that they are saved by but their own. People no longer fear God.

In biblical times we know the story surrounding Moses and the people went around and followed his laws. They had a zeal of God but they didn’t truly know Him. They just went thru the actions.

Every Sunday they sit and stare with blank eyes. There is no amount of actions that can take place to make them to move because it’ll have to be them realizing they’ve been fooled. There are many that have heard the gospel so much that they have grown hard to it. You will NOT go to Heaven if you’ve not been saved. One MUST be born again to go to Heaven. It’s a simple gospel. There is not a single person that can look at another and know that they’ve been saved or not. Many walk around and have a form of godliness. Many are those claim to be great theologians and yet they spread false religions.

We have a responsibility to warn those of the truth. One can’t beat it into their heart in fact one can cause more harm than good doing so. With love is the only way to warn others. If you can’t warn without love then you should keep your mouth shut.

From the day you were conceived you took on the sin of the human. If you started today and began to live a completely sin free life, you would still not get into Heaven. You can’t do anything about your past that was full of sin. There will be absolutely no sin in Heaven. You can ask anyone if they are a sinner and they will begin to struggle with the answer. They begin to compare themselves to someone that is worse at sinning then they are.

People can’t submit to God because they don’t understand, they are ignorant to the righteousness of God. They’ve been deceived by the religious talks of false doctrines. Flesh is not perfect and never will be. That means the flesh can’t enter into Heaven. The soul, a spiritual part of the human body is the only part that can go into Heaven, but, only if it has been saved by Christ.