God Will Be Glorified

November 15, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Acts 12:21-25

God will be glorified in one way or another. God is worthy of everything that we can give Him. A Christian should be giving Him glory all the time. If the only thing you can say is thanks for your salvation then you need to reevaluate your walk with God. He is worthy of everything we can give Him praise for. He never promised us another day. Each day we wake, we should be praising Him. Each minute of the day that we are alive we should be praising God. Our problem is that we are too high-minded, and proud. In this reading, we see that Herod left God out of it. Matthew 5:6; let the world know what God has done for you. This lifts God’s name up through praises. Do you want to see the lost come into the church? Do you want to see the church full? Start praising God no matter what and give Him all the glory He deserves. Something that we’ve heard over and over again and that’s that Jesus is coming back. This is a promise that He has given and He’s never broken a promise. No one knows when that time will be. If we knew a time then how much more serious would we be then? Since we don’t know the time, we should be much more serious about getting our lost people to Jesus. Each one of us will be judged on what we did and did not do. During this time, we should be serious about getting the lost in and if we don’t we will answer for being lazy on God.
John 14:3; all you’ve got to do is pray, and ask God in Jesus’ name. Have you sacrificed your time to talk to God today?
1 Chronicles 6:20; the price that was paid for our souls should make us want to give God all of the praise that we can give, freely.