You’ve Got to Have Help to Get to Heaven

October 26 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: John 14:1-6

John 14:6; the only way to get to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. You could be on every church roll in the world. You could be baptized one hundred times or by the greatest minister alive. No person will get to Heaven any other way other than through Jesus Christ. When you take your last breath you are no longer in control. You will need help to get to Heaven. The very instant you die you no longer know anything that you once knew. Once you die you will go somewhere and it is not in your control. Without Jesus, you will die and go straight into Hell.

Religion has never got anyone into Heaven. Good parents, Godly parents will not get you into Heaven. Does God send people to Hell? God’s son took it upon Himself to come to earth and give Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for sin. If you turn your back on His son then He WILL turn His back on you. We read a story about Lazarus and his death. There was also another man that died but his name was never mentioned. The instant they died one opened his eyes in Heaven while the other opened his in Hell. Instantly! They didn’t go into a waiting area or purgatory. Purgatory is a man-made religion and isn’t a biblical place.

So what help does one need to go to Heaven? You need all three, God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. John 3:5-6, Jesus was very direct. The flesh is flesh and it will go back to the earth from which it came. When God calls an end to this world the ones that have died before us and lay in their grave or have been cremated will be joined with their soul in the air. You will need some help in doing this. John 3:15-1, Jesus was direct here as well to say one must believe in Christ. If you take Christ out and replace Him with anything else, it doesn’t work. Again, there is only one way into Heaven. There is no place where you will be partying it up with all your friends.

The Bible is the “skin” to our help into Heaven. God is the scripture. 1 Peter 1:23, it is the living Word of God. How many of you have read it this week? Instructions on who to follow and who not to follow. How many brought your bible to church tonight?

We also need each other. Sheep are not made to be alone. Sheep are helpless in life. They need help to survive. Not only did God give us His word as the Bible, but He also gave us a church. Sometimes the help we need is in the form of refuge, a place of safety or learning, support, forgiveness, comfort, etc. Hebrews 10:23-25, when you forsake the assembling together you are saying you don’t need anyone’s help and you can do it all on your own. The Wednesday night service is just as important as the Sunday morning service. Church attendance will not get one into Heaven but after you’re saved, it helps one to get to Heaven.